Milky Way – Anataboshi

Anataboshi was Milky Way’s 1st single. It was released April 30th, 2008. It sold 27,285 copies in it’s first week,  49, 492 overall and reached #3 on the charts. “Anataboshi” was used as the sixth opening theme for the anime “Kirarin☆Revolution”, while “Sansan GOGO” was used as the tenth ending theme.


1. Anataboshi
2. Sansan GOGO
3. Anataboshi (Instrumental)

Many people will either really like Anataboshi or really hate it. It pretty much depends on your opinion towards the instrumental. The very first seconds you can hear the marching sounding, bag pipe heavy upbeat sparkly sound. At first, I found it very deafening and annoying, but I grew to love it simply because it’s so unique and sounds great with the girls vocals. Throughout the verse and afterward, we get the addition of tambourines to the mix, making it even more unique/annoying, your choice. As for the vocals, it’s also a split decision. You have Kusumi Koharu, which just by reading her name you know she has some horrid vocals. The two other girls(Kikkawa Yuu and Kitahara Sayaka) have very solid voices that even out Kusumi’s, even though her’s aren’t as annoying as they usually are. You’ll find yourself very drawn to the verses and the chorus is just a ton of fun as the music picks up and the girls sing nonstop. A very strong debut a-side.

Usually with these H!P anime related singles, they tend to have above average b-sides, luckily, Sansan GOGO fits into this category. It’s a more toned down song with some pop rock sounds and nice rifts during the verses. It was also nice to hear the girl’s singing voice in a more slower pace, you get to really listen to their singing skill. The chorus is really repetitive and quite good. It’s not as good as the a-side but it’s a reasonable a-side.

This was a surprising single for me. Kusumi, H!P’s most popular soloist at the time, two Eggs and an eccentric a-side. Thos sales numbers don’t lie and I’m very impressed by it. It doesn’t totally sound like anime music cause of it’s unique sound, just be sure to give the a-side a chance before tossing it aside.

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