Milky Way – Tan! Tan! Taan!

Tan! Tan! Taan! was Milky Way’s 2nd single. It was released October 29th, 2008. It sold 16, 667 copies in it’s first week and reached #8 on the charts. Tan! Tan! Taan! was used as the seventh opening theme for the anime “Kirarin☆Revolution”, while Gamusharara was used as the eleventh ending theme.


1. Tan! Tan! Taan!
2. Gamusharara
3. Tan! Tan! Taan! (Instrumental)

Compared with their debut single, Tan! Tan! Taan! is a lot safer in the genre area than “Anataboshi”. Honestly, the song didn’t attract my attention until after a lot of listens, I felt it was a little too generic and poppy for me, but it’s actually a very good song with a strong instrumental. It opens with the same sparkly noise as the last single did and than with some very light-hearted, anime sounding instrumentals, which I quite enjoyed. The vocals are still pretty good, and there’s more Egg action this time, though I must say, Sayaka’s vocal performance is EVEN WORSE than Kusumi’s. That’s very hard to do. You’ll eventually fall in love with the simpleness of this song, along with it’s fresh instrumental and fitting vocals.

Opening with some thumping sounds, Gamusharara is comparable with “Sansan GOGO” except this song is a lot more jazzier and overall stranger. I can’t put a specific genre to it, though it has a pretty snazzy instrumental and the girl’s repeating of “Sharara” is pretty fun to hear. Overall vocals are easier on the ears than the first track(I really like Yuu’s vocals) though the song is missing something to make it truly satisfying.

“Tan! Tan! Taan!” proved to be a really sweet and fresh pop track coming out from H!P these days. I don’t quite understand the huge drop in sales as I found this single overall better than the first but it must have been because of the recent H!P Elder Club graduation announcement, Kusumi’s drop in popularity and the dwindling interest in the Kirarin anime. Don’t let the numbers fool you though, you’re very likely to enjoy this single.

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  1. Duh…. Ska ma kirari niH!

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