Wakeshima Kanon – Suna no Oshiro

Suna no Oshiro was Wakeshima Kanon’s 2nd single. It was released November 12th, 2008.


1. Suna no Oshiro
2. skip turn step
3. Suna no Oshiro (instrumental ver.)
4. skip turn step♪ (instrumental ver.)
5. Suna no Oshiro ~Orgel version~

I had a general idea of what to expect from this single. Luckily, it was exactly as I imagined it would be. Suna no Oshiro begins with some rapid, nonstop dark strings. Some soft yet heavy beats break in with Kanon’s semi-whispering vocals that match perfectly with the tone of the music.  The music builds up until the epic chorus arrives and Kanon begins singing for real. The music is just excellent in this song with Kanon getting her solo shortly after the chorus and than sneaking her way into another chorus. The track ends exactly as it began, with the same repeating strings. The song lasts 3:10, which is just perfect as it doesn’t drag out, keeps the song nicely paced throughout and leaves the listener wanting more.

Now this song was unexpected! skip turn step♪ begins with some very classy strings and chimes that follow the main melody of the song. This part is just excellent. Compared ot the a-side, this song is a lot more light hearted, while still maintaining that Kanon aura. As the chorus begins some VERY deep strings give off this AMAZING sound along with the former strings, Kanon’s non whispering vocals and extra strings. The chorus is just absolute delight though! Kanon’s vocals seem to take a semi-cute tone(though it would be bittersweet with how we know her) and the music builds up. As quickly as it appeared, the chorus ends. This song is easily better than the a-side, I’m surprised the single isn’t a double a-side as this song feels so fresh and perfect. A wonderful addition to her growing discography.

While I didn’t enjoy the a-side of this single as much as her first, the b-side is what manages to make this single stand out. The rapid strings and dark atmosphere of the a-side are perfectly backed by the classy-ness and bittersweet tone of the b-side. I suggest you begin listening to Kanon while her discography is still small cause at the rate she’s going, it’s gonna be hard to find a favorite in her awesome releases.

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