In which we talk about 7,000 Hits, a Blog Update and what’s Coming this Christmas.

7,000 Hits

First of all, I would like to congratulate the blog for having reached 7,000 hits!!! That’s all thanks to you guys! Yes you(!) for constantly visiting my blog even though I haven’t posted anything new. It’s those hit counts per day that really keep me concentrated(mildly) on my blog and focused on it’s future.

Blog Update

One problem I’m having, however, is my internet, which if you have me added on MSN *coughSelly/Efanz/Brettcough* have noticed that I connect and disconnect every three freakin’ minutes. However, that’s not totally bad ’cause when I do get totally pwned of my internet, I manage to write up some review drafts for posting later on. So, expect lots of reviews soon!

Another thing is that after I manage to catch up on all the reviews I managed to stack up *stares at Mitsuki’s COPY*, the blog will take a different turn in terms of the music I will be reviewing. This turn is towards the world of female idol groups! So yea, instead of reviewing an old Utada Hikaru album, I’m gonna rather review an H!P/TNK/AKB48 album instead. This isn’t with the intention to lose visitors however, but instead to get more followers in the world that is known as Hello!Project. ;D

Speaking of who to review, this month I will begin reviewing a special type of Asian music that I really have grown to love…
K and C-Pop! That’s right! Korean and Chinese music! Here are the upcoming artists:


  • TOHOSHINKI (Korean releases)
  • Wonder Girls
  • SHINee


  • Fahrenheit

I hope you guys look forward to it! ^-^

Coming this Christmas

And finally, since it’s that wonderful time of year, I (of course) have to do something (semi) special! So as I begin working on (another) new banner, expect to look forward to the first place winners from the rankings page! There’s lots of good stuff coming out soon so we might get some surprise winners! (;D) I’ll also be adding new categories and making that page prettier to look at. :3

So I leave you guys with that! Stay tuned! >-<



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  1. radiantdawn says:

    I didn’t remove you from my blogroll, you’re in the buttons.

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