Perfume – Dream Fighter

Dream Fighter was Perfume’s 9th major single. It was released November 19th, 2008.


1. Dream Fighter
2. Negai
3. Dream Fighter -Original Instrumental-
4. Negai -Original Instrumental-

I gotta be honest. It took me a few listens to really get into Dream Fighter. The firts thing I noticed was the girl’s vocals. Their a lot more higher pitched this time around. It doesn’t really make a difference to me(as I still can’t tell the voices apart) but that might not be the case for others. The song itself is pretty fantasy sounding and lives up to it’s “Dream” title as I often find myself thoughtlessly staring into the distance as I lip sync to the song. I found the chorus repeats one too many times but it was okay as it’s absolutely catchy and absorbing. Although the song sounds a tad too generic for me, it’s still one of those electropop songs you HAVE to listen to.

I was getting the whole SEVENTH HEAVEN/ Macaroni vibe with Negai, but that was before I began to listen to it. Let’s be honest here. The instrumental sucks. The vocal’s are vocoded but sound kind of boring and the melody isn’t very inviting. The song is just some very soft and low synth along with some mixed up random sounds. It’s not enough to make it appealing or different but it’s too much to make it really boring, which is just what this song is, boring. Also, it drags on way too much.

While not on-par with their last a-side, Dream Fighter is still an entertaining listen that could very well leave you obsessed with it, but that’s not something hat can be said for Negai. Some of you may enjoy it but I sure know I didn’t.

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