Tohoshinki – Jumon -MIROTIC-

Jumon -MIROTIC- was TOHOSHINKI’s 24th single. It was released October 15th, 2008. It sold 53,543 copies in it’s first week and reached #1 on the charts.


1. Jumon -MIROTIC-
2. Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou? -THE LEVEL remix-
3. Jumon -MIROTIC- (Less Vocal)

Goodness this song is sexy. Jumon -MIROTIC- is the Japanese version of the title track that appeared on their Korean “MIROTIC” album. The song begins with some muffled beats before the first synth and beat heavy begins with the group’s ever fantastic vocals, which in my experience, have yet to not impress me. The chorus is absolutely great as the sexiness gets kicked up a notch and the overall impact to the listener is increased. It should be noted that even though the song is pretty heavy, during the verses it’s more mellow and quiet, but either way it get’s made up for in the chorus. I didn’t enjoy the rap in this song as it sounded kind of obnoxious and high pitched.

I was more than excited when I saw the my favorite TOHOSHINKI song was gonna have a remix. Don’t be too anxious for Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou? -THE LEVEL remix- however, it’s more or less the vocals form the original song added on top of a mediocre instrumental that includes some dirty sounding synth, out of place chime sounds and boring beats. I was really let down as the song doesn’t sound good trying to give it a more mainstream TOHOSHINKI style.

Admit it. This single was way rushed and and for sales purpose only. I preferred the original Korean version of MIROTIC as it flowed better and the remix of Doushite totally turned me off. Either way, MIROTIC is a fantastic track that you can’t miss, just try to get the Korean version.

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