Top 10 Best H!P Songs of ALL TIME



Morning Musume – AS FOR ONE DAY

Unfortunately for this song, it’s one of those gems that comes along and than suddenly disappears. This was released back in 2004, right before 6th Generation joined(they were already part of Momosu but hadn’t released their first single yet). The reason I think this song gets ignored so much is ’cause since the 6th generation girls joined, there would be a lot of complications with the line distribution and since it was Yasuda Kei’s(<3) last single(and she was a center), they’d rather not bring the song up much. It’s rare to see this song performed live, but when it is, the crowd ALWAYS gets hyped up for it and cheer along for their girls during solo parts. It’s truly a magnificent song with such an abnormal Momosu sound.


Matsuura Aya – Yeah! Meccha Holiday

Easily Ayaya’s best song EVA. There’s no one who can’t love the oh so sweet vibe of this summer song. Apart from the abnormal verses and the exciting chorus, the song itself was produced so well that it really stood the test of time. Ever since it’s release in 2003, the song has managed to become a stable in Momosu karaoke events. Plus, it has a kick ass dance. XD


Sexy 8 – Shiawase desu ka?

This 2002 shuffle group really managed to stand out from the other 2 with it’s sexy style. Possibly being one of H!P’s sexiest releases ever, it’s mature and smooth sound(and the sexy Spanish guitar) really make this song a real gem. Jeez, in the video can be sexy if you really like wet girls. :O


Tanpopo – Last Kiss

No doubt that the debut release for what is probably H!P’s most awesome subgroup ever(maybe after Minimoni >-<) would be something to look forward to. Plus, it was released in 1999 and there’s a general rule when it comes to H!P releases. The older the song is, the better it is compared to the recent stuff. This song’s mature and classy style really make it something to listen to.


Melon Kinenbi – This is Unmei

Ahh, Melon Kinenbi… Whatever happened to these girls. This is Unmei is probably the earliest H!P actual rock sounding song released and these girls really managed to make a killer track. It’s so damn catchy and unique, I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like the song.


Berryz Koubou – Special Generation

This song is love!!! <333 There will never be a H!P Kid release that can top this 2005 classic. It’s been in EVERY concert that Berryz has participated in since it’s release and there’s a dang good reason for it. It’s absolutely incredible! It didn’t take much thinking to know that this song was gonna be on the list.


Minimoni – Minimoni. Jankenpyon!

Admit it, you know you liked Minimoni when you were a kid(or an adult, doesn’t matter). This song is an absolute guilty pleasure to listen to! >-< It’s so memorable and catchy and lovable and dang cute! Plus, it’s form Minimoni, H!P’s #1 subgroup and it even has the twins to boot! :O Every sane person loves this song.


Morning Musume – Renai Revolution 21

Whenever someone thinks of the Golden Era in Momosu’s years, you first gotta think about the Platnium Era! This single represents just that. Morning Musume with it’s PERFECT line up(4th gen, Yuko as leader and Ichii graduated) AND being produced by DANCE*MAN! This song is an absolute classic.


Morning Musume – LOVE Machine

LOVE Machine, Japan’s anthem/official song. This is the song that made Momosu what it is today. (Semi)Popular and adored by EVERYONE at one point or another. Without this, Morning Musume would be nothing. You gotta just plain love this song beyond that point that it’s one of the best songs you will ever hear but that it kept Momosu alive.


Morning Musume – The Peace!

You want Momosu at it’s peak? You want Momosu in it’s best line up ever? You want GOLDEN ERA Momosu? You want a Morning Musume that can outsell a Utada Hikaru single from 2002? *Throws The Peace! at your face* Take it, steal it, d/l it, I don’t care! Listen to this song now!

Songs that didn’t make the cut:

#11 Morning Musume – Koi no Dance Site

#12 Goto Maki – SOME BOYS! TOUCH

#13 Buono! – Rottara Rottara

#14 °C-ute – Massara Blue Jeans

#15 Fujimoto Miki – BOOGIE TRAIN ’03

#16 Tanpopo – Motto

Doing this really made me think about the good ol’ H!P days. But even so, the stuff they release now a days ain’t so bad, right?

… :\

Well, Happy Holidays everyone! Look forward to the final Rankings of 2008’s releases on New Years and more reviews until then!


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