Ikio Ayaka – RE: ACID QUEEN

RE: ACID QUEEN was Ikio Ayaka’s 1st mini album. It was released January 14th, 2009.


1. RE:
2. Spin Me Round
3. Mess Up My Body
4. LoLLyPoP
5. Pain Killer
6.Spiral Storage
7. Spin Me Round (cargo REMIX)

Opening up the album is the bizarre RE:. It’s a synth heavy track that sounds really disorganized and has Ayaka sayign words like reconstruction, remix, reborn and anything else that starts with “Re”. It makes me think whether she has had any other releases prior to this. It’s an okay track that sets the genre of the album, hard electropop.

The very first second Spin Me Round begins, I fall in love with it. The synth is absolutely awesome and addicting. Ayaka’s vocals are heavily distorted and they actually sound really good. The song builds up nicely to the kick ass chorus, my favorite part of the song. There really isn’t a second of this song that I didn’t like, it’s that easy to get into and to get obsessed with.

Mess Up My Body continues right after, opening up with colorful synth and  heavy beats. Her vocals continue to be extremely distorted(and I can only understand so little of her English, though I think she says swear words). This song is a bit more standard compared to the last but I think it’s the music that gets it across.

I can’t really explain the messed up opening of LoLLyPoP but all I know is that Ayaka said “F***” right in the beginning. Her vocals don’t seem to be distorted and our backed up with a simple and retro sounding instrumental. Honestly, I don’t like this song very much ’cause the music is uninteresting and Ayaka’s vocals just sound plain and stale(and stupid).

Pain Killer starts off full throttle. The repeated, gritty synth may get annoying quickly but it eventually gets covered by other synth until eventually disappearing. Ayaka is once again not distorted(I’m not liking her voice without a vocoder). The music gets pretty sexy after the whole opening part and the vocals were kinda just “there”, they really didn’t do much to me. Music wins, vocals fail.

I have no idea what Ayaka says in the beginning of Spiral Storage, but I’m liking that thumping beat that comes in. I like the way you can hear vocals in the distance, apart from the rest of the music though it may sound a bit disorganized when the main vocals come in. Fortunately, their vocoded this time. The chorus is nice as well as it gets slightly more poppy and those background vocals stand out more. This song for me was perfect whenever it was just music and the background vocals.

Ending the album is the “cargo REMIX” of Spin Me Round, the album’s promotional track. Once you get past the first 30 seconds of just plain beats, this nice piano comes in, along with Ayaka’s “Spin Me Round” vocals. The verse is kinda weird. I don’t really like the music, and it makes the vocals sound weaker. What I did like were the short breaks where there was no vocals and let the piano take centerpiece. The chorus sounds okay as well, but the song just isn’t as good and impacting as the original.

Ayaka’s debut mini album wasn’t too bad actually. Apart from LoLLyPoP, every other song was pretty enjoyable, with Spin Me Round being the strongest of the tracks. She also did a good job of sounding different from everyone else, more mature and with a harder electro sound. However, I wouldn’t watch her Spin Me Round PV as it HIGHLY resembles a certain someone’s *coughSuzukiAmicough* PV *coughONEcough*. Still, a solid debut.

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