Morning Musume in L.A.

*Que depressing music*

Yes, this is so important that I’m actually writing about it. Morning Musume will be at this year’s Anime Expo during the month of June in Los Angeles. There’s no expressing how seriously infatuated, jealous, mad, emo(cause now its a state of being) and desperate I am feeling right now.  I mean, COME ON! MORNING MUSUME, my biggest obsession over the last few years and here comes my one and only chance to actually see them or breath the same air as them!

It’s completely impossible for me however, even if I hadn’t moved 2 years ago(further from LA), I still wouldn’t have been able to go. My story is that sad. *NEWSFLASH* According to one of my parental figures, if I hadn’t moved, than yes, there would have been a possibility of me going. That just angers me more. :l

I’m glad for everyone that can go, but I ask for one simple favor. GET VIDEO RECORDINGS+PICS+AUDIO RECORDINGS! I beg you!  Even if it had been Berryz or C-ute, I still would be like this as it’s H!P, just those three symbols together with US make me go absolutely insane.

H!P+US = a squealing and ‘gasaming me

As a fellow blogger pointed out:

水Jin-kun -This is why I hat ebeing an H!P fan- v-v says:
Imagine me seeing eri aika and JunLin
I hat emyself
Whoa…Did you see that? says:
i think u’d prolly gasm all over the place
水Jin-kun -This is why I hat ebeing an H!P fan- v-v says:
it’d be a damn mess of gasming everywhere
i prolly wouldnt even be able to enjoy the show xp
Whoa…Did you see that? says:
u’d be the show

What now? Do I continue waiting ’till I eventually get lucky and manage to score a chance of seeing Momosu live? Meh, maybe I just have to find my way to them…

:o It’s true, I’d even want to see Wonky Reina. v-v


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