The blog gets a new look! Again… And why 2/25 Sucks

Yea, so I went ahead and decided to make new theme for the blog, again. It’ll be the 4th one now. This time, I was influenced with the new Buono! images that have been popping up, most importantly, the Buono!2 album cover:

I really like it, so I went ahead and made a new banner(as you see above), icon and button:

I liked how the icon came out, but the button not so much. I also would have liked to add a border to the banner, similar to how the other two have.

In other news, my parents randomly decided to buy me a new desk chair! I had asked for it a wile ago, but I didn’t think I’d actually get it. Oh joy! But seriously, I was in dire need of it. No parent should ever force his child to sit hours a day on an entirely wooden chair/ *searches Google for “curved wooden chair”* O_O Found it! Except mine’s a lighter tone of brown.

So yea, my poor back had to endure that punishment for years until I finally upgraded to this:

(Not the actual chair, just a look alike) Hmm, so maybe that’s why I hated blogging so much, cause it hurt!
In other news, I rant about why February 25 sucks. Don’t misunderstand, I love J-Music in every way possible(maybe except sexual) but when a company plans to release SO much music in one single day is beyond me. I have no idea why all the artists are releasing on the same exact day, but it really ticks me off! That’s not even the bad part though. I was recently informed that I begin my Senior(and last, woot!) year of high school on that same exact day. Talk about depressing. So not only will I arrive home from my most hated thing ever, but I will have to downloadcheck my mailbox for a ton of things(yea, ’cause they arrive on the actual day it’s released. >_>)
So yea, thanks Japan. :)

Here’s an old review I typed up and never published of Utada’s Eternally -Drama Mix-

“Some lovely pianos open up Eternally -Drama Mix-, along with some strings. The verse is just Utada’s terrific vocals with the piano and strings, along with some very soft beats. There’s a lot of focus on her vocal’s in this song and she surely doesn’t disappoint. The song flows nicely into the chorus, which is also very well made but overall, the song, as a ballad, just doesn’t really make the listener go “Wow!” at any point and the overall difference between this song and the original is no more than a lower pitch change(including Utada’s now lower and mature vocals).”

Song Rating


And by the way, I’m still not over not being able to see Momosu live, and I won’t be for a VERY VERY long time. >:l


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One Response to The blog gets a new look! Again… And why 2/25 Sucks

  1. teresaw says:

    ola eu adoro as vossas cançoes
    e eu adoro muito as vossas roupas
    sao fantasticas
    adorei voces sao demais
    adoro vos

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