Thoughts on Berryz Koubou’s Dakishimetex2

So Berryz’ new PV popped from one day to the next. First of all, let’s have a look at it: (HQ that thing! xD)

I swear that H!P is so concentrating on the Kids groups instead of Morning Musume PV wise. The song is good. It’s not breath taking and may be a grower. The whole techno thing reminds me of that Dschinghis Khan(yes, I can spell it :P) remix that came out. What I liked most was the line distribution though… With that said, let me take a second to express myself.


Seriously, these past few singles it’s been all about Momoko and Yurina(and Risako, of course) but FINALLY Miyabi is back in the spotlight with Risako while the other two don’t get as much screen time. The single feels a lot more mature than the last, so any cute stuff feels kinda out of place, IMO. One example being Momoko. Just in general. :P I don’t hate her at all. :O It’s just that I really like Miyabi, so when someone else takes her spotlight, you can’t help but get a bit mad. ^-^’

Now, the PV. It’s good. O_O Some scenes are really good. One thing people have been talking about a lot is the costumes. I however like them. One particular favorite is Risako, who’s looking real mature in the whole clip. Another thing is the hair. People have been complaining of Maasa’s and Saki’s hair. No doubt that Maasa looks a bit weird in that hairstyle. Maybe it just isn’t for her, and having it all bunched up on one side could be the problem. Saki’s hair, however, I did like. It’s both short in one part and long in the other. Though the overall cut is kinda weird. Meh, I’m not complaining. xD

Next matter are the covers that have been out(small though):



While I’m never a fan of plain colored background, it really doesn’t bother me this time cause there’s so much more color overall due to the logos and the girl’s clothes. I much prefer the limited version however, simply cause it’s more interesting to look at and that if you observe Chinami and Maasa in the regular edition, it seems like they share the same hair. xD

One problem though. -_-(as always…) I have no idea why Miyabi gets the boot in both versions. Isn’t she supposed to be the center along with Risako?! In the limited, she totally gets shafted into the second row, behind Yurina and Momoko. In the regular, although the three girls look more like the main attention than Risako does, I still don’t get why she gets put on the same level as those two. I’m still waiting for the perfect Berryz release, but there’s no doubt that this one is one to look for.


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