Hello! Investigations: Cuteness

The Victims:  Kago Ai, Tsuji Nozomi, Ishikawa Rika, Konno Asami, Michishige Sayumi, Kusumi Koharu, Tsugunaga Momoko, Hagiwara Mai, Suzuki Airi, JunJun, Mitsui Aika

The Question: How do cute H!P members express their cuteness?

So in this very first edition of Hello! Investigations, we discuss the way H!P members express their cuteness to the masses. Of course, this can’t be said for every single H!P member as not all of them are considered(or consider themselves) cute. Up above we see the list of obvious candidates from Morning Musume(including previous generations) and the H!P Kids groups. Let’s get right to it!

The “I know I’m Cute” Group

  1. Ishikawa Rika: There’s no doubt about this one folks. She’s cute, and she knows it. Being the first true example of the “I know I’m cute” group in H!P, she sets the example, and she says it straight up. Her appearance may not especially let off a cute charm, but instead more of a sexy one. However her personality is the cutest it can get. However, for me, she really isn’t the “Aww… How cute.” type of cute. She’s more of the “Damn she’s really cute…” type. Just seeing her in any video and you’ll know what I mean.  So, does the cuteness clash with in any way? Well, looking at her MASSIVE fan base, I don’t think so. But to me, her cuteness hasn’t really rubbed me the right way. I can’t really say why I don’t like her… She doesn’t really seem fake to me… I think it’s just that her “cute” act bores me.
  2. Michishige Sayumi: Oh dear. The daughter of cuteness itself. Considered to be Rika’s follow up, Sayumi does it well, maybe a bit too well. Since the beginning of her joining Momosu, she just had that cuteness factor to her. She’s very similar to Rika in many ways. She let’s off more of a sexy vibe but she represents herself cutely. However, she’s really started to bore me with the cuteness act. Her “Usa-chan Peace!” being the main problem. Honestly, she could calm down on the cuteness a bit. I remember during the Kanashimi Twilight-ish time that she began to become more mature and sexy, though looking at her now, it seems she completely abandoned the plan. I wouldn’t mind her if she were less full of herself(and since we all know she’s the new Mikkity in the group[in terms of bitchy-ness]) and change into a more mature, sexier role. She’s cute, but too much.
  3. Tsugunag Momoko: Come on, don’t argue with me here. While I have more knowledge with Morning Musume in terms of experience, theres no doubt that Momoko is H!P Kids cutest threat. While she isn’t like the other two in terms of “Hi! I’m so cute!”, she still manages to represent her cute someway without letting it express itself. I honestly don’t see her selling herself so much but it’s just the way she talks, acts, does stuff and sings that oozes so much with cuteness that sometimes it just gets over the edge. I love Momoko, but I’ll love her more as she gets older(unless she pulls a Sayumi).

The “Born CuteNaturals” Group

  1. Kago Ai & Tsuji Nozomi: You look at them and you instantly think “Kawaii!”. Everyone has to love these girls. They were a classic! What I love most about these girls is that they don’t express their cuteness anymore than they need to, they just let it come out naturally and that’s what I adore! They do(did) the most cutest things and they just came out so natural and in no way forced. Ha, I feel like I’m repeating myself. These girls know their cute, but they don’t train in front of the mirror everyday practicing their winks and peace signs.
  2. Konno Asami: That’s right. Ms. Big Cheeks herself. However this girl is in now was cheeky. Her appearance screams “CUTE!” but her personality screams “HUNGRY!”. I truly haven’t seen a recording of her flashing out any peace signs or introducing herself in some exaggerated way. She may have the cutest singing voice ever, but it’s completely natural. Actually, that’s what this group is going to be called… So yea, I like girls who are naturally cute and it’s okay if they know they are, just don’t base your personality around it.
  3. Hagiwara Mai: Hmm, maybe it’s her age or maybe it’s just her face, but Mai is a little cutie pie. She’s been getting older and with age(in her case) comes the loss of cuteness. She really isn’t a cute person to me. It’s just her looks and her voice. She isn’t like “Hehe. ^-^” But instead like “Heh. 8)” To me, it seems she doesn’t want to be seen as cute and her bitchy attitude backs that up(along with the dirty faces she gives xD). For now, she’s in the cute group, but in the future, I definitely see her in the KKK(Kool Kidz Klub).

Kusumi Koharu

  1. Kusumi Koharu(ORLY?!): Here’s the deal on Koha-chan. She’s naturally cute but she also shows herself off as cute. And now here’s the catch. Her career as a soloist kinda forces her to be cute. If you look carefully, and even though Sayumi was her “mentor”, Koha has never truly done something that is THAT cute. She does cute things but it’s not really out of the usual. The whole Koha-Pink and Shigue-Pink thing seems so unnatural for her. I’ve only seen Koharu grow out of that cute image as she’s grown older. However, I think she’s kinda stuck into the role due to her solo career. I never really liked Koharu much, but I have a feeling that when she’s older(and her singing improves), that she’ll definitely rise up in my rankings.

The Confused/?

  1. JunJun: Here’s the deal with JunJun. Fortunately for her, she was blessed with an extremely “attractive” physique. However, I can’t really figure her out. She’s already an adult, so unlike the “I know I’m Cute” group, she hasn’t been in Momosu since she was young, thus a cute character for her wouldn’t be very natural. However, the only thing cute about her is her face. She just has to continues as she is until she eventually develops a sexier role.
  2. Mitsui Aika: Another tough egg to crack. She looks cute, she sings cute and she moves cutely but she doesn’t fit into any of the above categories. The thing is that she is still in the process of developing a firm character. Due to her age, cuteness suits her, but I definitely see her as a cooler chick(especially with all the hanging out with Reina she’s been doing) in the near future. UNLESS she joins the Yasuda Kei/Ogawa/Early Eri group.
  3. Suzuki Airi: Here’s another one. She’s just cute looking. That’s it. She may do cute things sometimes, but no more than the common H!P member(and in our world, that would mean a lot).

So there we have it people. The cute side of H!P and how I classify their cuteness. Now… For the rest of the H!P members… Will they be in the Sexushii or Weirdo groups? O-o Who knows… But what about the one’s that don’t fit in either? O-o


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