Ugh! I want Naichau Kamo now!

Seriously, I want it now! I swear I’ll be the first crazy betch to snatch up a downloadcopy from my local CD store. ;) I didn’t even like the song that much when it came out and after not having seen the PV for about a week now, I’ve built up enough urge power that I’m willing to totally play the heck out of it when I “obtain” it.

One thing though. As awesome as it is to have a kickass sounding b-side, I would have much preferred a Risa+Eri duet instead of Sayu… I mean, it’s always been Eri+Risa in everything, so why suddenly Sayu? Hmm, maybe it was just her turn to shine. Even though I’ve heard previews of it, it’ll take a HQ version to see if Sayu manages to impress me. The only time she ever has was during the Morning Musume Concert Tour 2008 Haru ~Single Daizenshuu!!~ where she solo’d Furusato and held a pretty long flatnote(Sayu wise) at the end.

Oh oh oh! Let’s talk cover-wise.

NEWSFLASH! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A 320kbps torrent popped up!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s mine now! >:l Now to wait…

So yea, back to the covers.


Single V:

I’m gonna do you all a favor and NOT show you the disgusting Limited A+B covers. I mean, come on. That was going too far…

So anyway, if you guys know me by now, you can easily guess which cover I prefer. Regular duh! Reina being in the center totally killed the Single V cover, even though the cover itself looks less crowded and more organized. Reina always ruins everything. -_-

I didn’t really like the outfits for this single… They only just beat COVER YOU’s outfits but instead of being all around bad, these covers have some REALLY bad mistakes and some ok outfits. The biggest offenders are Eri, Risa and LinLin.

LinLin’s outfit is okay, but I could have done without that excuse for a hat. Seriously, take it off bb.

Eri looked ok, but the hood destroyed ANY chance of me liking it, and being my favorite member, I’m REALLY picky about her.

Risa’s hair bored me and that shiny reflective jacket didn’t help. Never again bb.

Mitsui Aika looks like an old woman and Koharu’s outfit looks too similar to her Kanashimi Twilight one.

Sayumi doesn’t look bad, but the hat makes the entire outfit seem awkward…

I guess Ai, Reina and JunJun are the only good ones… Though JunJun is really risking it with that spotted beret, cowboy boots and light blue leggings.

Reina’s look bores me. It looks like everything else she wears. Wonk-tastic. :l I don’t like her in skirts cause of her skinny-ass legs. Plus, her hair bored me back when Shabondama was released.

Ai(as usual) seems the safest out of everyone. Typical of her personality. :P

You know, looking over them again… I’m not quite sure as to which version I prefer… Sure, Single V has Reina in the middle but apart from that, everythign else is so much better… Btw, wtf is Sayumi doing up front with Ai and Reina? And(even though I like it) what’s Mitsui doing so close to the center in the Regular edition? Do it again. ^-^

Another thing… The formation in the regular version… It makes it seem like someone is out of place… Either Eri or LinLin. That kind of formation is only good for an even numbered amount of members.

Meh, as awesome as it is havign Aika in the middle-ish(equal to Reina), an awkward formation and disorganized looks makes me prefer the Single V version in the end. :3 Seems like I had a change of heart…



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