An actual J-pop related dream!

So last night, to my delight, I actually had a J-pop music related dream! This is a big deal cause usually all my dreams have absolutely NOTHING related to things I enjoy, in this case being my music taste. :P

So, it was about my parents, sister and I at what was this kind of like cafe/pub place. I’m guessing it was some kind of invitation only event. The weird thing was that I don’t remember who was performing(I think it was completely irrelevant) but at the back of the room where Angela Aki and Otsuka Ai giggling and laughing the entire time and me just staring at them, wanting to get a photo with them.

Where do those two come from? Easy. Last year’s Kouhaku which I tend to watch a lot. I probably got that image during the last performance, where they were talking and laughing and doing all that girly stuff.

NOW, on to my left was none other than the queen herself, Hamasaki Ayumi. She was in like one of those round tables, against the wall with bodyguards sitting all around her. I remember my sister asking me something like who I was looking at or something and I replied back(more or less) “Look at the girl with the weird eyes.” xD NOW, we all know Ayu has some pretty “characteristic” eyes, but the reason I said that is because of this image of Kuu:

I first found it at JPM and a user had posted how similar they looked to Ayu’s. :P

Now, to wrap it all up, the reason I had this dream of a live, invitation only performance must be none other than Morning Musume being in LA’s fault! So in a way, it all adds up, just that Momosu was the only element missing. xp

Have I been thinking a lot about the Momosu Live thing? Yes

Have I been thinking a lot of Angela/Ai? Yes and no. Angela yes because of her new album and all the stuff I’ve been reading about her but Ai has been pretty dead to me.

Have I been thinking a lot about Ayu? Not really. Other than her new album, I haven’t read/listened to much of her recently.

GAWD I hope it happens again. >_< I woke up right when I was gonna walk over for the photo with Ai+Angela. xD *disappointed*


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