Some new covers, a PV and my opinions

Let’s get right to it, first, Shugo Chara Egg!:

It’s really pretty in high quality. And damn cute as well. It seems this is the H!P in which the most budget is spent on. I haven’t seen that much special effects since their last PV, which kinda had more. The girl’s are cute as fudge(you gotta love Maeda Yuuka) and it seems that the green one(yea, I don’t know the names v-v) has taken the Momoko(in Buono!) type of role during the PV. Nice. ^-^ Now onto the covers:

They loo pretty dang similar to their last ones, but either way are very easy on the eyes. I’m guessing the pink(and my favorite) one is the limited edition. Just a logical guess though. :P I still think Yuuka has a big nose… xD

Next, Erina:

“Meh” is what I get out of all of these. There better than her indies stuff, but still not really not exciting. Than again, Erina’s music isn’t supposed to be exciting. xD I don’t know what it is about the song, which is more ballad-ish than all her other stuff but I absolutely love it. As for which cover I like, it was between the last two/non school girl pics but I ended up choosing the one with the green background. Seems the nicest looking. :P She looks gorgeous in all of them anyway.

Next, Namie:

Those are very fierce and hot indeed. I’m not sure which one I prefer though… I like the way she grabs the chain in the left one, but the right one win’s in everything else. I can see her hair more and her face looks better… I think. :\ Hmm, gonna have to wait for some bigger covers.

Next, Momosu:

God those are so low quality. xD Compared to their last two original albums, this cover blows all of them out of the water. And it’s not even that good. O_O The whole platinum thing is well represented and I’m just loving how Ai is in the middle. :D However, Im not too sure about the long curly hair thing… It looks gorgeous on some girls like Ai, LinLin and Koharu but others just look really bad, like JunJun and Aika(she needs short hair.) The one who stands out the most is LinLin, she looks absolutely beautiful in the right cover.

I’m kinda leaning towards the right image due to it being more seperated and we get to see all of LinLin’s hotness, but the left image has a bigger sense of unity, and Ai looks like the queen of everything with that crown looking accessory she ahs on. However, those thick silver lines in the left image don’t really convince me…


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