About time it happened.

Koda Kumi x misono

About freakin’ time those two got together. xD Ever since I found out that misono was Kuu’s sister(and that they were both under Avex) I had wanted them to release something together. :P I don’t know why it took so long, but at least we got it. xD

I literally reloaded the page like 10 time’s simply cause it was just so awesome. xD(and well, it was going too fast so I didn’t get to read everything. <-<).

The song is really good, a rockish type song, but the b-side stuff didn’t interest me much… :\ misono got one of those slow guitar songs(similar to the “bad” stuff on her Sei -say- album. Kuu, on the other hand, gets a ballad. -_- The girl just loves stuffing us with those. xp The ballad sounds okay, but I can’t stand misono’s voice when it isn’t backed up by a rock instrumental.

Either way, I’m real excited for it. ^_^_^_^ Go make crazy sista music bbz.


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