A dream… in which the Wonk Master 3000 owns me.

So I had this 2 days ago, one night after the Ayu/Aki/Ai one. :P I think that writing about not having dreamed about Morning Musume actually got me dreaming about them. Maybe I should do it more often…

So anyway, I don’t remember much, but it was Morning Musume and I at the beach(ORLY?). The beach was like very similar to the one that appeared in Alo! Hello 3(gawd I love that video).

I kinda forget the first half, but I know there was like some kind of fish in the water that was like dangerous or something. Someway, somehow, I got like a huge cut on the side of my face(and I think that came from me having made a character I was role playing with [yes, I rp on Gaia Online. :3] get hit by a monster in the same exact spot). It’s so interesting how everything relates someway if you think about it deeply…

The second part was ll of us in the water again, this time everyone like panicking about the fish swimming around us. Sooo, no other than the Wonk Master herself(Reina) decides to like completely climb on me, causing me to go underwater due to her huge weight(not), thus I begin to struggle and flail my arms everywhere, thus I manage to touch the fish, thus I get a cut on my left hand(and the reason cause it was that exact spot was probably of that one cut I got last time there, I posted about it on here. :P).

So yea, Reina drowns me and I get hurt. v-v The only real mysterious element would be the fish. I have no way to match it up with anything… Well, no one ever fully understands why things appear in their dreams, right(^-^)?

Thanks Reina. :D




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J-Pop devotee, Hello! Project ace, graphic designer, blogger, gamer, dancer, prince and day dreamer. Founded Sora to Kujira.
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