Why I love Mano Erina and why Berryz freak me out sometimes.

First up, Mano’s new PV! >_< *Mano fanboy*

PV sucks, I know, but damn does Mano look GORGEOUS. I love her close ups. > _< And when she’s wearing the pink skirt. OMG @-@ I don’t know why, but I’ve never liked Mano in school girl clothes… Maybe it’s cause they haven’t done it right yet(cause its hard not to like a Japanese girl in a school uniform. :P). I love her hair up though. :P

The whole piano in the pink room thing is nice and Mano in different clothes standing and walking around everywhere with the flower thing is kinda meh. I’m just sooo in love with the song. @-@

I swear, those first like 10 seconds completely absorb me in. Mano’s vocals still don’t impress me, but there a lot better than Manopiano. I think it may be the first song in which I add the instrumental as well onto my iTunes library. :P A very rare feat indeed. xD

Mano, I luv u so much. :'(

So now onto Berry’z new promo image.

berryzdakiSo, apart from Risako looking as freakin’ sexy and fierce and Maasa’s screwed up arm and Miyabi looking as hot as usual, what else is wrong with this pic…?

Yes, there is something wrong about it. <_<

Can’t guess? :\

Well, if you didn’t know, W(why)TF is Miyabi not in the center 3? -_- Again? -_- That just ticks me off. -_- UGH!!!!!!!!! Yurina, ILU bb but GTFO of Miyabi’s way! >:l


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