I loved seeing AAA cry

Not just AAA, but any artist I listen to. :P I just finished watching AAA’s 3rd Anniversary Live (080922-080923 Nippon Budokan) Concert. :P It’s a bit shorter than I’m used to for concerts(Lots of Ayu xp) but it was really good. O_O

It’s my first concert from them, so I wasn’t sure what to expect :P Though I wasn’t expecting them to cry as much as they did. <_<
During the final MC of the concert, they stood in a line and one by one they each had their chance to speak. I’m guessing it was about them being together for 3 years now, but gawd, it was emotional. O_O Rundown:

Hidaka(rapper dude): Starts off all normal and stuff than suddenly begins to studder until finally breaking down and the crowd goes nuts. :P Shuta goes over and huggles him. :3 (Btw, I really like the beauty spots on his face. xD)

Shuta: Didn’t expect this guy to cry, honestly. xD He had a very long speech, but it was also pretty emotional. Cried harder than Hidaka.

Chiaki: Kinda was like poking fun at the last two but than she began crying too. She seemed real emotional.

Nissi: Oh gawd. This guy broke me down. :'( He starts talking about the Staff I think and than totally like breaks down. Then Shuta comes over and hugs him and he begins bawling with this high pitched wailing. So cute yet so sad. :'( I definitely like him more now. ^-^’

Misako: Like the rest before her, she was already crying before she began talking. She didn’t go through a total break down like the others, but she would like stop and like smile, trying not to cry(I guess). So sad. v-v

(As this point, I was pouring a river of tears bbz)

Atae+Urata: Didnt cry at all. -_- Atae didnt even have any prior tears! He was dry as a ____! He also gave this generic “I’ll do my best!” speech. <_< Way to think that my favorite member wasn’t as lame as he looked. <_<

Urata, however, was crying but he didn’t break down or anything. Meh.

So yea, it’s weird how my member preferences change depending if someone cry’s or not. xD I guess it’s little stuff like that that affect how much I ilke someone…

I’ll see if I can get screeshots… Got ’em. ^-^


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