Sleep over with Momsu and C-ute girls!

So, before headin to bed, I wanna inform you guys on my thirdfourth consecutive J-pop related dream! >_<

This time, it was me at some kind of fair at night. Somewhere in the back part-ish, I entered this liek room adn it was just like a nromal bedroom. Inside were the C-ute girls in pj’s! :D It was a sleepover! ^-^

The Momosu girls were in a room next to us, but I stayed with C-ute. :3 I remember talking a lot with Yajima and me singing one fo their songs and them joining along. xD Weirdddddd but awesomeeeeee. xD

Now that I blogged about it, I may dream again. ^-^ Here goes! >:o

P.S. I tried listening to C-ute songs to see which song it was, but I can’t remember. v-v All I know is that I remembered the chorus/hook but not the verse(in which they began to sing them for me :P).


About Abraham

J-Pop devotee, Hello! Project ace, graphic designer, blogger, gamer, dancer, prince and day dreamer. Founded Sora to Kujira.
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