Ugh & Ahh…

Ugh: Atae in the Jamboree!! PV(and overall)

I swear… I don’t know why he’s my favorite. <_< It must seriously be looks, that’s it. xp After the stunt he pulled in the concert I just watched(NOT crying[^-^’] and always like going somewhere else during the MC’s), I thought I should bring up his behavior in the PV. <_< First of all, have a look at it yourselves. ^-^

First of all, 1:18 ftl? <_<

No thx bb. :)

So at 1:42 he just decided to GTFO for a few seconds…


What’s with him like always trying to mimic other’s during like self-improvised parts? <_< I mean really, wth was that at 3:50? O-o Some kind of Go-Go dance or sumefin. <_<

And than at 4:04, the cameraman simply stops caring and just decides to cut him out.

Last thing at 4:10, he doesn’t seem to want to move his lips too much for the lyrics, eh? Maybe he doesn’t know em. :O

Meh, I guess… Either way, I still like him. >_< He’s on VERY thin ice though. xD

Also, Urata has like 0% of the sex appeal he had in Baby Bang in this PV. xD

Ahh: Max in MIROTIC scans… (stolen from Raid‘s blog)


*gasm+dies* I don’t know why… But I was expecting the TVXQ guys to be more muscular. <_< Not like they aren’t, just that I was expecting like uber marked six packs and stuff. xD


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