God my internet was such a…

Big fat doodoo face last night. <_< Didn’t even let me post something. :'(

So yea, I guess we all heard about C-ute’s Arihara Kanna totally getting pwned on her foot and having to leave C-ute for an X number of days. :'( These kinds of things always happen to me… My favorites always have bad news spewing from them. <_<

1) Miyabi look alike and that JE kid groping each other

2) Kanna and the HSJ kid

3) Kanna and her foot. xp

Kanna’s my favorite, right before Yajima, so I’m definitely going to miss her in concerts and such. :\ Come back soon bb!

Btw, this is what she has:

O_O Well, I’m sure she has a much prettier foot and normal toenails. <_< My sister has this, except it’s  on the opposite side of her foot. xp She has wide feet. :)

So last night Maki’s Lady-Rise leaked(non PV-rip) and I was ticked cause it ain’t got no cover out. <_< Soo… I made one. ^-^ (Clickable for bigger size. :3)

Use if you wish. ^0^ I don’t think it’s too bad… And it took me forever to find a good still of her without looking retorted.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd finally, HANGRY & ANGRY! :D I came upon this site thanks to a certain friend…


What it is is pretty much a girl who made this website in where people will take pictures of themselves holding hand made signs showing their love and support for H&A. The girl will print out all the submissions and give it as a gift in book form to H&A when they make their US debut. :D I’m working on mine so far… It ain’t too bad, right? D:

Web cam quality pic is all I could get at the time, but it’s still viewable. :) I still haven’t decided on a phrase to send them, I’m thinking something on the lines of,
“Good luck in the US” or

“Ganbare Yossie & Rika-chan!”

Something corny like that. xD That phrase will go in the empty box thing you see. :P And if you didn’t notice, I totally MESSED UP on Angry’s black cat thingy. The shape came out all wrong, so I had to make it look as if it were looking to the side. ^-^; Whoops.

I still gotta add a bunch of stuff(I want as little white as possible). I kinda came to the theme of making it look like emblems sewn on some kind of cloth. xD

Meh. xp


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