Betsy 2.0 ☆D•e•s•k•t•o•p☆, ne?~

That’s right! This is where I give you all a sneak peak at my dear computer’s private life, her desktop! ;D (Click for giga-Maimi)

So that’s it. :D I’m constantly chaning wallpaper and since I watched the Berryz vs. C-ute concert earlier today, I got a Maimi urge. :P It looks nice. ^-^

Unlike most people, I organize my shortcut icons individually. :3 Instead of having them just mushed up on one side, I have them split up in sections. ^-^

Top left are system folders (My PC, My Documents, etc…)

Top right are the “internet/techy stuff”. Firefox, IE, Chatting programs and the anti virus stuff

Bottom right are the games. :3 Stepmania, Bully, SPORE, etc…

Bottom left are the media players. :D iTunes, of course, is my most used icon. 8) (followed by Firefox :P)

Now, I’m sure you see other stuff in there… There quite annoying actually. <_< The stuff on the bottom are  image editing stuff cause they didn’t fit anywhere else (GIMP and Photoshop)

Now, on the top are two other sections. The leftish one is music that I have yet to add to my iTunes. Included are the IOSYS discography, Ayaya’s singles and Otsuka’s b-sides. xp Too lazy~~~…

Now the rightish part are any type of live events/concerts/PVs. :3 Yea, I’m an addict downloader. xD After watching them,I gotta convert them to a small size, which usually take sup like 4-ish hours, all the which make my computer uber slow and unusable. xp

P.S. Thanks to Tommy februrary6 for the freakin’ insane amount of symbols she uses in her discography. <_<

EDIT: My old desktop on my old laptop, Ol’ Betsy.  Follows the same scheme and the wallpaper is chaos from Xenosaga III. :3 (click for bigger)

I’ll always love you bb. ♥ She’s no longer with us, but the memories I had with her are unforgettable. :'(


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J-Pop devotee, Hello! Project ace, graphic designer, blogger, gamer, dancer, prince and day dreamer. Founded Sora to Kujira.
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