mY m○○d = dANGeR○us

That’s right, all the capitals letter can be arranged to spell ‘ANGRY’. >:l ‘Cause that’s what I am!

Goodness I would have never thought that I could go through such an emotional change from one day to the next…

My classmates are absolute salvages. O_O I don’t know if it’s just the ‘first day’ thing still kicking in(wasn’t that supposed ot end yesterday…?) but everyone is so freakin; loud and stuff. <_< It doesn’t help that our homeroom teacher has also been siding with a certain side of the class(it’s kinda like split into two groups). The loud side to be specific. *not in the loud side*

So she totally harassed me today for having long hair(school rules say we cant have long hair. I smell hax), which was really unexpected as she’s always been really nice to me. <_< W/e, I don’t really care. I’ma be as much of a sarcastic son of a betch as I can be.

Another thing that’s tickin me off is this kid in my class who PISSES ME THE HELL OFF!!! I finally got into an argument with him today after talking sxxt about me right after I decided not wanting to agree to steal someone’s pencil case(come on, were almost 18 here people). Seriously, he needs to fxxk off.

And of course, to round it all up, I promised administration that I would get my hair cut today. Yea, I didn’t. :l My dad was supposedly too busy with work to take me, so I’m gonna show up to a whole bunch of staff betching and molesting me about my hair. -_- Gawd damn, how am I gonna deal with this…?

Oh yay, everyone outside my door is arguing again…

I KNOW I’m not gonna survive this year at this rate. I need SOMETHING(!) to happen. -_- I really do. I need to rid myself of that annoying kid, be more of an asshole and not as friendly, get my damn hair cut(or learn to do it myself) and probably the hardest but the most fulfilling would be to get some type of love interest(GoG). <_< Meh, it’s probably my age…

I did mention about the insane amount of tests their stuffing us with in like one week, right?

Goodness  I just gotta make it past this…

As Sayu would say, “HELP ME!” *dramatic hand movement*


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