●Let’s g○ d○ my ★least fav○rite★ thing!● :D [227!♥]

Two words which I must deal with about 5-6 times a year…


Yea, I went to get one today. :'( Even though my hair was a lot more poofier than I like for it to be, I still never enjoy the experience of cutting it. <_<

Beautiful things should not be modified bb! D:

I only got it cause my school forces me. :\ Of course, I don’t wanna be with like super long hair either. xD

So I went to a different place this time than I usually do… A risk! O_O It went pretty well though…

It was DAMN fast. Like really. And I felt pretty comfortable. And the lady had the right idea about “keeping it sexy but just short enough so the school doesn’t molest me about it”. :D

My bangs are kinda weird but… I’m gonna have to do something different with it for tomorrow. It should look good. >:l

Oh also, I don’t give a fudge what people think about it. :D


Sorry for the gay pics. xp Was rushed out the door before I could take more. >:l And I know I need to shave, I’ll do it tomorrow morning(ugh, that’s gonna suck -_-). And my fingernail looks so nasty cause I didn’t use the gloves that came in the hairdying kit so I stained it. xp



“:O” face ftw. Yea, I know you can’t see any of it but I’ll taqke a pic tomorrow after I’ve style it and made it (semi)pretty. :3

In other, not as hairy(-_-) news, I reached 227 hits today(or yesterday, w/e) an ALL TIME NEW HIGH SCO-RECORD! Thanks bbz! ^_^ Keep reading meh stuff. >:l

Random message of the day: “If you hate me, stay away from me >:l” From Tommy’s stay away from me song :P

P.S. Kylee rocks.


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7 Responses to ●Let’s g○ d○ my ★least fav○rite★ thing!● :D [227!♥]

  1. Sara says:

    Hot. You know, you should experiment with the stubble look. If your school will let you have a little bit of facial hair, that is. I totally took a really cool picture of my hands today with “LOVE DOUG” written across my knuckles. I’ll upload it onto Facebook for you.

  2. noahfurlani says:

    How could you avoid taking gay pics when they’re of yourself? lol

  3. Jin says:

    @ Sara Haha, I hate facial hair. >_:l no u

  4. Sarah says:


  5. Sarah says:

    It doesn’t look like theres a difference what so ever! lol me and lexii both agree on that lmao. and about the facial hair thing. only shave it if you want to lmao :P

  6. Sarah says:

    OMG! I JUST REALIZED SOMETHING!!! THE NECKLACE!!!! lol :P I’m happy now lmao.

  7. Sara says:

    At noahfurlani, none of his pictures are gay. I love your hair. It always looks soft.

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