[…H•A•W•T…] Week I

So, let’s use last.fm to check up on what I’ve been listening a lot to recently this last week, shall we? ;D

1. Kylee – Vacancy ~23 plays~

Yea, I’ve been listening to that song waaaay too much. xD It just feels nice to finally having my own version of like Miley Cyrus(^-^”) without feeling totally guilty about it cause she’s half Japanese. :3 It’s a really rockin’ rock song with a gloomy atmosphere. :3 Reminded me a lot of misono’s Sei -say- stuff. :3

2. Kylee – Justice ~Live video, 13 plays~

^_^’ One of the two b-sides. :P Literally, the whole single just kicks arse. They all have a very similar style and I really like the lyrics, no matter how cheesy and corny they get at times. xD

3. alan – BRAVE ~11 plays~

So yea, at first, I only listened to this heart cause of the A-M-A-Z-I-N-G distorted mountain vocal parts(and cause it was the best song of the excuse for an album) but after listening to it so much, I really like the song more now as a whole, and not just those few parts. :3 Still waiting for that alan+Nakata duo… <_< That would be so ★epic★… @-@

3. Buono! – Goal ~11 plays~

Tying it up is Buono!’s most AMAZING SONG EVA!!!★★★ No really, it’s that good. O_O It’s like all the goodness that was Coldplay’s Viva la Vida but cute H!P style. :D This song is rapidly moving up in play counts and could possible beat Suzuki Ami’s ONE for # of plays. O_O

3. Kylee – Plan B ~Live video, 11 plays~

Her last appearance, I swear(I can’t imagine myself when the mini album comes out…)! xD I love this girl to death. Why hasn’t she been more popular? >:l Compared to the other song’s, this one is slower and more acoustic. It’s great. :D

6. Polysics – New Wave Jacket (reform) ~6 plays~

I’ve liked Polysics for a long time but I always refused to actually listen to them cause: 1) had a male singer, 2) wasn’t Johnnys, 3) it was freakin’ weird. After getting over it, I got 4 of my favorite tracks from them and listen to them constantly. :3 This one is just soo freakin’ fun and crazy. xD

6. Suzuki Ami – Reincarnation (Extended Version) ~6 plays~

What? :O Extended and not the original? Why you ask? Well, I just freakin’ fell in love with the that repeated synth in the opening and ending. xD I do wish they would have changed the actual song itself instead of just slapping it in between, but it’s no huge problem. :3

6. Asian Kung-Fu Generation – Blue Train ~6 plays~

I’ve fallen in love with this group recently(and the whole J-rock scene, POLYSICS, Aqua Timez, UVERworld, etc…) and this is an absolutely awesome song. :D I like how it’s like all instrumental for like 40 seconds before bringing in the smooth vocals. A great listen. :D

9. Morning Musume – Resonant Blue ~5 plays~

Undoubtedly one of the best(if not THE) releases from the current gen releases, despite the line distribution. Still strong and my most listened Momosu song. :3

9. Kusumi Koharu – HATTEN x JOY ~5 plays~

Yes, I admit it. I love it. :x It really is good and waaaaaaay damn catchy. O_O I call hax at it not being the a-side. <_< Also the song I might video blog with. :3


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6 Responses to […H•A•W•T…] Week I

  1. butterflynight says:

    The last one makes me laugh :P A lot

  2. Sara says:

    I’ll check these out after I get home from school tomorrow. I’ll need something to cheer me up after I go through another boring day tomorrow. *cries* I want it to be summer so badly.

  3. Jin says:

    You think you got it bad? >_> I JUST started school. D: No summer ’till forever… *tear*

  4. noahfurlani says:

    OMG YESSSSSS! You like Asian Kung-Fu Generation~~
    Zey r magnificennnnnnnt. But they need to release something NOW.

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  6. hexi2008 says:

    wewt wahi. good idea for a feature! i have ready your other one but thought i’d comment anyways. >w<

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