H!P Steps it ★^Up^★

It seems since all the crappy stuff left Hello! Project *coughElderClubcoughnotreallycough*, Tsunku has found just a bit more time to travel… Bringing along the H!P girls with him. >:l Not to mention making a bunch of new material for what’s left of H!P *stares at Momosu & C-ute*

It wasn’t enough to torture me by saying I wouldn’t be able to see Momosu live, but now Tsunku says Buono! will be in Europe or w/e Sweden. xp At some Anime expo thing. No way I could have ever gone, but I feel so left out. v-v I’ve been going through a Buono! face atm (thanks to Goal) so hearing this stuff is pretty depressing. >:l


*was gonna insert Buono! pic here but messed up like 3209381 times, so fxxk it*

So yea, I’m still waiting for the Momosu album to leak, as long as Mano’s single. :3

Dakishimetex2 was pretty good, it still hasn’t grown on me enough to enter obsession mode. And the preview’s of C-ute’s new single didn’t leave an impression on me(thus why I didn’t listen to it again afterwards) but I said the same for FOREVER LOVE and  I love that song. :P We’ll see. :3

Oh btw betch, NO KANNA=NO LIFE


GAH! THIS MONTH HAS SUCH GOOD RELEASES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >_< Fxxk February 25, that day was so overhyped. xD


P.S. damn it, I just cant deny Buono!. v-v


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