Hamasaki Ayumi: TOP 5 BALLADS

If there’s something that Ayu stands out for from the multiple artists I listen to, it’s that the girl knows how to make a ballad. Her voice is absolutely perfect for it(actually, out of everyone I listen to, her voice is probably in the top 3. I absolutely LOVE her vibrato), especially since she can hold some impressive notes.

In this countdown, I went through my Ayu discography and chose the ballads that stood out for me. I didn’t pick them all, only the ones I knew would make good competition. I came up with 20 and narrowed them down to 5. It’d be nice to hear what you guys have to say, whether you agree or disagree with my choices. On to the countdown!

#5 – RAINBOW (A Ballads)

Watch the PV

Probably out of all of Ayu’s songs, this is the one that touches my heart the most. It was probably my second or third Ayu song. I re-watched the PV again like 2 weeks ago after for like an x amount of years and I almost teared up. The song is absolutely beautiful and mesmerizing in every way. It just leaks of etheral-ness and Ayu’s whispered like vocals sound like they came directly from her heart. Unfortunately, there is one gripe I have about this song. It’s that at 2:11 it takes a total turn for the worse into this sorta like typical pop style song, completely ditching the prior sound. If the song had continued normally, it would have ranked a bit higher.

#4 – Who… (LOVEppears)

Listen Here

Ahh… The staple Ayu ballad. This song has been remade sooo many times but it’s really to be expected as it’s quite the enjoyable listen. Of the versions I have include: Original Mix, Piano Version, Acoustic Orchestra Version, 10th Anniversary Version+Chinese Version, Across the Universe mix. Each one of them is beautiful in their own way, but my favorite would have to be the Acoustic Orchestra Version. Those first few piano chords in the song really drag you into it and Ayu’s vocals are just perfect. Heck, if they sound bad for you, either listen to the original or 10th Anni. Version for something more your style. I especially like in this song how it goes into an instrumental before getting to the chorus. Really makes it more epic.

#3 – Together When… (GUILTY)

I’m pretty sure I mentioned this ballad before. I think it was on 2008’s rankings for best ballad or something. Well, it certainly still has it charms as #3 of Ayu’s best ballads. The verses are really soft and include only just piano but the chorus is what makes the song different than anything else. It’s insanely EPIC, especially as the song goes on. Ayu’s vocals here are the definition of perfect, there’s no denying it. The instrumental is a nice standard mix of orchestra+electric guitar+piano which at times may sound a bit overused but the arrangement is top notch and the vocals save this song form any type of negative opinions.

#2 – JEWEL (Secret)

Watch the PV

Oh goodness. This song got me crying at school one day. :x The very first second you hear those semi-muffled piano chords you just get this huge urge of wanting to listen until the end. Ayu’s vocals are semi-airy/semi-whispery so they fit in nicely with the feel of the song(her vibrato here is AWSUM @-@). It’s piano the whole way through the song with some VERY soft twinkling sounds and such in the background but it’s enough for me. That piano is to DIE FOR. It was very close between first and second place and the only reason this didn’t get first was ’cause #1 was the perfect combination of vocals and music. Really though, listen to this song NOW.

#1 – forgiveness (Memorial address)

Here we are… What is in my opinion Ayu’s most amazing ballad ever released. The music is perfect. Her vocals are perfect. The emotion is portrayed excellently and heck, even the PV was beautiful(but that wasn’t taken in consideration). The piano and very light orchestra during the verses was perfectly executed and the way it builds up during the bridge just makes the chorus so much more epic. I love the way Ayu opens it up with this perfect long note and stays strong throughout. Really, if your gonna listen to any of the songs on this countdown for the first time, at least give this one a listen. It’s a MUST.

Well, those were really hard choices to make… There’s no doubt that their exist other Ayu ballads that may be more to your liking but these five were particularly special to me. If your wondering what else was in the original list:

-Sotsugyou Shashin



-teddy bear




-A Song is bron





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