[…H•A•W•T…] Week II

So this might become more of a weekly feature on the blog… Similar to how I did last time, I’ll post about the top songs I’ve been listening to for the week. ^-^ Btw, these numbers are taken using Last.fm. :3

Buono! – Goal (22)

Yup,  doubling from 11 plays last week to a whopping 22 plays, Goal just continues grabbing my attention every freaking time I listen to it. It’s soooo amazing bbs. @-@ According to iTunes, I’ve listened to this song… 98 times since it was added February 8. :P There’s no doubt I’m gonna continue abusing it as much as possible. :P

mmpdlargeltd Morning Musume – SONGS (16)

I’m sure your all aware of how much I am in love with this song. xD It rocks that it’s th efirst song in the album cause it just really draws you into the album. Shame that the rest of the album isn’t as amazing though. xp It’s not bad. :\ Anyway, it’s a style I’d love to see them follow. Very High-Kingish, which is NEVER a bad thing.

Hamasaki Ayumi – Mirrorcle World (11)

Ahhh yes… THE Ayumi song to listen to. xD Oh so epic, oh so hardcore, oh so gasm-y. I think I would call this my favorite song from her. :3 No shame to it. ^-^ And I’m glad it’s not on NEXT LEVEL. It’s too good for that nasty album. <_< All I need is an Acoustic Orchestra Version and my Ayumi dreams would be complete. ^-^

Morning Musume – Resonant Blue (11)

It’s certainly to this songs favor that it’s right after SONGS. Once I finish listening to that song, the awesomeness that is Resonant Blue comes on and I keep my hand as far away from the “forward” button as possible. :P I’m pretty sure this is my most listened Momosu song… Yup, iTunes says it has 76 plays. ^-^

BoA – Touched (11)

That’s right bbz. My favorite song from BoA’s pwnage album. :D It’s so awesome that she released that American album cause I’ve always liked the Britney Spears’ genre type of music, and now I can listen to it free of guilt. ^-^

Amuro Namie – Dr. (10)

Wait what? O-o Strange, I definitely thought WILD would appear first since it’s my favorite of the two. Either way, Dr. has really been growing on me since I actually got my hands on the single. :3 I really like the marching parts, as little and short as they are. xp PLEASE DOCTOR! D: SAVE US!

BoA – Obsessed, Utada – Apple And Cinnamon, Amuro Namie – WILD, BoA – Scream (9)

Four songs with nine play counts. :P First is the psycho song from BoA’s album which is, once again, damn addictive. >_<

Than, probably a surprise to many(haters <_<) is Utada’s song. DAMN IT! I liked the album! >:l Maybe I’m just too much of a fan of her to dislike it, but I do admit that it took me a while to get used to the style. Only three songs on the album that I don’t like. Dirty Desire, Poppin’ and Automatic Part II.

Next is the freakin’ catchyness hell of WILD. Ahhh it’s so damn good. @-@ I hope the girl sells a ton. >_< I just have a feeling she won’t cause everyone seems to be selling like crap. :\

Last is Scream. ^-^’ Yea, pretty much BoA’s entire album appears on the list. :P

Predictions for Next Week

Hmm… Observing this week’s results and the newly added stuff on iTunes… I predict… A LOT of Kylee’s Love Kicks… songs ranking high, more BoA songs, WILD/DR. rising even higher and that’s about it. Goal coudl very well continue being #1 but I don’t think I’ll see Ayumi or Utada up there.


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