Tsugunaga Momoko Graduating from Berryz


Yea, I know what your thinking “NO F-IN WAY!” but it’s true! D: According to the article over at Tokyo Graph, she’s graduating from Berryz but (fortunately) continuing her job as part of Buono! and it says she’s considered a soloist now. Plus, she’s gonna start in a drama and all that jazz.

Now honestly, I’m shocked yes, but if I pictured anyone graduating from Berryz, it was Momoko. She has a HUGE fanbase and is just perfect for a soloist. What surprises me is that Tsunku decided to do this NOW. @_@ Right when everything was going good for Berryz since Elder Club left. If there’s any excuse, it must be that he wants more soloist. xp

What’s Maeda Yuuka there for?!?! >_<

Anyway, it’s gonna be weird without any Momoko-ness in the group, but good luck homegirl! >_<

Check the original article for more info here: *!Click!*


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5 Responses to Tsugunaga Momoko Graduating from Berryz

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  2. marse says:

    momoko would you be my girlfriend…

  3. I hope that means more screentime for Maasa <3

  4. chissa says:

    momoko leaving berryz
    why why whyyyyyy ,and if he want a soloist he could use chisato or an egg (there’s plenty good singers in the eggs even more than s/mileage)

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