[…H•A•W•T…] Week III

Goodness, it feels like only yesterday since I did the last one. This was a very… interesting week. <_< Last week’s predictions:

Hmm… Observing this week’s results and the newly added stuff on iTunes… I predict… A LOT of Kylee’s Love Kicks… songs ranking high, more BoA songs, WILD/DR. rising even higher and that’s about it. Goal could very well continue being #1 but I don’t think I’ll see Ayumi or Utada up there.

1st Kylee – Not For You (Love Kicks…) ~19~

Well, what can I say. :\ I’m unconditionally obsessed with the girl!!! She’s so amazing. @-@ And totally needs a new single or something RIGHT NOW. It’s the 4th track on her album and my absolute favorite. Everything is perfect about it. >_< Even if your not into American/Emo/Indie sounding rock with a 14 year old girl, you should give it a try ’cause it’s damn awesome. <_< You MAY be able to “get your hands” on a copy here

2nd + 3rd Kylee – You Get Me, Empty Handed ~16~, S.A.U., THAT ONE ~15~ (Love Kicks…)

IZ SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! Really, the album has no bad songs. I rated half of them with 5 stars and the other three with 41/2. :3 Actually, her single also has nothing under 41/2. All I need to do is find lyrics for her now… >:)

Amuro Namie – WILD~14~, Dr.~11~ (WILD/Dr.)

Ahhh this single… Is so amazing @-@ Since PLAY’s release last year, Amuro hasn’t released anything that hasn’t totally surprised me(in a good way ;D). WILD is my favorite of the tracks(but I think I said that last week) and I’m thinking this single won’t be leaving the charts for a while. :P

Kylee – Wherever You Are Tonight ~14~ (Love Kicks…)

I think the only reason this song didn’t get as many plays as the other songs is ’cause it’s the last song on the album. :P Apart from that, it’s still on level with the other songs. :3 AbSoLuTeLy AmAzInG.

That’s pretty much it for this week. The rest of the songs were a mix between Platinum 9 DISC and NEXT LEVEL. Surprisingly, Buono!’s Goal reached only 6 plays this week. Hmmm… Maybe I overplayed it. ^-^’

Predictions for Next Week

Hmm… I doubt Kylee will rule the charts again… But she’ll definitely be up there. WILD/Dr. will keep on rising, It’s all Love! will appear. Yaguchi Mari’s single isn’t bad also… Apart from that, I think it’s going to go in multiple directions.

Also, there was a small accident this week. Perfume’s single actually got 1st and 2nd place with One Room Disco getting 26 and 23:30 getting 24, but those are off by like 20 counts as I accidently fell asleep with my iPod on repeat(album/playlist) on, so it kept playign the single for a VERY long time. :P I didn’t count them as they wouldn’t have even charted.


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