Oh~ So many new things…

It’s both good and bad that there’s ALWAYS some new topic popping up in the J-Music scene. Whether it be a new single, album, a hiatus, new group, a death, a scandal, a release, etc… There’s always something that if you go a week without being up to date, you’ll more than likely overwhelm yourself.

This week, we got the introduction of a new H!P group! And boy do I have some things to say. <_<


“Guardians 4”

The members in this group are so predictable it’s almost boring.

Sugayo Risako: It’s obvious she’s there to give popularity to the group as she probably has the most fans out of the four. I have a feeling she’ll get the most lines(unless they go Buono! style and have everyone get the same number of lin-oh wait nvm, they always pen Miyabi there… -_-)

Mitsui Aika: It’s kinda like bleh seeing here here again with Saki. Well, doesn’t matter. I love the girl and she’s perfect for these anime kinds of things(move over Koharu ;D)

Yurina & Saki: Ugh!!!!!!! OBVIOUSLY their in the group to get more fans. -_- What’s the one thing the two girls have in common? Come on, it’s easy… Just guess. :l Well, I’ll  give a hint.

Suzuki Airi/Yajimi Maimi+Nakajima Saki ————————- Sugaya Risako/Tsugunaga Momoko+KumaiYurina or Natsuyaki Miyabi

Get it? Both girls are kinda like the “third” center in their respective groups. I bet if Miyabi weren’t in Buono!, she would have been in this group. <_<

In other news, MORNING MUSUME ANNOUNCED ANOTHER SINGLE!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!! Best news is that it comes out in May! >_< YES! >_< I’m so happy. ^-^ It’s these kinds of times that I love H!P. :3

Remember Nakagawa Shoko? :3 Well, she’s got a new single coming out in exactly one month! >_< Based on the title and promo image, I’m smelling a ballad! I hope to god it is ’cause I absolutely love her voice for either ballad or rock songs. :3 Another snow tears please!!!


She’s gorgeous. @-@


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