Paul’s Hello!Project 2009 Poll

As many of you may know, Paul always does these kinds of H!P rankign things, and he’s done another one as of Friday. ^-^ It’s always fun to do his polls(and extremely easy) so I suggest you all give it a try. ^-^ Voting ends on April 10th, so hurry and get your votes in! At the end, all the results will be put together to see who really is the most popular H!P member. ^-^

Go vote now!

Plus, at the end, you get two nifty images of your results. ^-^ Here’s mine:


Trust me when I tell you this is hard to do. @-@ It was easy when I had to do Momosu+C-ute+Berryz seperately, but ALL of Hello! Project together is really a task. @-@ Kamei and Mitsui were easy fo rme to do, as were Mano and Miyabi but after that it was extremely hard. Really though, most of the soloist never really tempted me into adding them(I love them all, but I don’t really hate any of them), but since Yasuda was a long time favorite and I’ve been loving Tsuji more everyday thanks to her blog, they ended up on the list. LinLin is of course their(how can you not like her?) and since I love Ice CreaMusume so much, I just had to add everyone’s favorite ShenShen in there. :3

Some who almost made the list were:

-Suzuki Airi

-Tsugunaga Momoko




-Kikkawa Yuu

-Maeda Yuuka

Gah, I might redo my list, it’s hard. @-@ Nah actually, it’s good as it is. :3


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