Oh Maasa, you sly girl you…

I was just watching the Madayade Dance Shot version PV and I couldn’t help but crack up. xD The dance is pretty dang weird, but what caught my attention was our large and in charge Sudou Maasa. I’m loving this girl more everyday. >_< I don’t know if it’s just her dancing skills, but she looks terribly awkward with the rest of the girls.

Her doing the punching parts creeped me out. D:

It’s just so awesome to watch though. @-@ And Momoko looks so dang small(and Miyabi so gorgeous).

P.S. It has nothing to do with Madayade, but Berryz is literally one mistake away from being my least favorite of the three main H!P groups. C-ute has really stepped it up. <_< AND I just noticed Dakishimetex2 ain’t all that great. xp


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2 Responses to Oh Maasa, you sly girl you…

  1. hexi2008 says:

    Poor Maasa. that outfit really did make me look massive.
    still love her though.

    *GASP!* how can you not like Dakishimetex2??? it’s like….. amazing!
    best thing to come from berryz in a while.

    not looking forward to Seishun Bus Guide though…… hmm….. sounds quite….. mini moni mixed with buono…….

  2. Jin says:

    Lulz, I haven’t heard previews. :x
    But did you hear Mano’s new single? O-o It’s uhmazing. >_< Best thing she’s released yet. :P

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