[…R•A•T•E…] Week I

That’s right! Another weekly feature! Similar to […H•A•W•T…] that I post every Sunday, this new feature is ranking the new releases of the week! :D I’ll be posting from older stuff as well ’cause well, not everything was released last week. xD’ They will always be on Wednesday’s cause that gives me more or less 1 week to listen to stuff(’cause J-Music likes coming out on Wednesdays. >_>)

Amuro Namie – WILD/Dr.


Ahhh this single is just perfect. @-@ WILD is my favorite out of the two, but I can listen to Dr. as many times as I can WILD. :3 Fxxk Ayu and Utada as the Queens of J-pop or whatever. xp Amuro just pwned everyone here. xD

Morning Musume – Platinum 9 DISC


Well, it was waaaaay better than there last 2 albums(not counting the mini, but it was better than that one as well) but my only problems were that it needed more “Morning Musume” songs instead of being split up in groups. Too many solos and having 2 songs with Ai+Risa+Reina was too much. Solos could have been better as well. However, SONGS and the singles  were EXCELLENT in this album.

Utada – This Is The One


Yea, I liked it. >:l I think a lto of people were being really hateful towards it. Who cares if the lyrics are stupid? <_< I don’t understand the majority of all the Japanese stuff I listen to, but at least it’s catchy! The album was gold, minus Automatic Part II(disappointing), Dirty Desire(lame) and Poppin'(just plain bad). Apart from those, all the other material was very solid R&B.

BoA – BoA


It’s not perfect ’cause I don’t like Dress Off and Girls On Top. :P That’s it. The album is crazy good synthpop and every other song has something either extremely catchy or memorable to it. I love it. It’s like being able to listen to something as catchy as Britney’s Womanizer, but not feeling guilty ’cause BoA’s asian! ^-^

alan – Voice of EARTH


Okay, so 80% of the singles on the album(thus 70% of the album) was good, but the new tracks kinda(really) disappointed me. xp I LOVED BRAVE and Together was also very excellent but the other stuff was sooo boring. @-@ Feels like a Best album, but it’s more organized. :3



AMAZING. Enough said. The stuff on this album(dare I say it) is better than “THE VOICE”. I mean, the music on here is soo incredibly epic or beautiful and serene. Gah, it’s good. >_< I recommend Wasure Mono, vintage love and Tsumihoroboshi no Uta the most. :3 Truly amazing.

Kylee – Love Kicks…


I mean, do I need to explain myself, really? Well, if you didn’t know, I’m CRAZY obsessed with this girl and her music. Please, listen to her now.


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