Confessions of a J-Pop Veteran

Or well, I consider myself a veteran anyways… I mean, 6 years being a listener means something, right? Well, I didn’t get totally serious about it until like 2005, which is when I met Morning Musume…~~~ <3

Anyways, I just wanted to say a few things…

  • I like Utada’s voice, but I think it lacks power comapred to Ayu
  • I’m unconditionally in love with Ayu’s vibrato and I think she began to sing better after she went deaf
  • I don’t really think she went completely deaf(I think…)
  • I wish Kuu had never gone through that scandal so her sales wouldn’t have fallen
  • Kumi ballads bore the heck out of me
  • I’m slowly getting into Visual Kei music
  • I’ve begun to expand my taste into rock music, including Aqua Timez, AKFG, FLOW, etc…
  • I say there exists a rivalry between GIRL NEXT DOOR and Ikimono Gakari
  • Nakagawa Shoko has a special place in my heart
  • I like Shiina Ringo and she was one of the very first artists I listened to
  • My first Ayu song was evolution
  • Aira Mitsuki > Saori@destiny
  • If I ever start video blogging, people will think I copied Blackmager from Stereo Love
  • H!P is the greatest thing that happened in my life
  • Nakashima Mika has good music
  • KOKIA probably has the best voice out of everyone I listen to
  • Koharu probably has the worst :x
  • Thelma’s Soba ni Iru ne feat. SoulJa really is deserving of so many sales
  • I never sat through Angela’s ANSWER album entirely
  • Namie’s music before PLAY sucks(minus Come<3)
  • AKB48’s music is probably 20 times better than anything coming out of H!P
  • It took me around a month or so to learn everyone in H!P name
  • Nichika rocks

About Abraham

J-Pop devotee, Hello! Project ace, graphic designer, blogger, gamer, dancer, prince and day dreamer. Founded Sora to Kujira.
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4 Responses to Confessions of a J-Pop Veteran

  1. noahfurlani says:

    I beg to differ on Ayu > Utada, GND and Ikimono Gakari but LOL.
    Mika owns, Nichika owns Mika and everything else; agreed.
    And yay for listening to Asian Kung-Fu Generation and Aqua Timezzzzz :)
    I wanna do something like this soon…

  2. Jin says:

    Permission to steal. 8) Utada in vocals, but that’s it. ^-^’ And ballads too, maybe…

  3. Selryam says:

    “Aira Mitsuki > Saori@destiny”

    D: Why no love for the e-mail girl.

  4. Jin says:

    I love them both, just that Aira has more music I like. :P There’s nothing quite like Beep Count Fantastic and distant STARS. 8)
    Yea, I like distant STARS. -_-‘

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