[…H•A•W•T…] Week IV

Hmm… I doubt Kylee will rule the charts again… But she’ll definitely be up there. WILD/Dr. will keep on rising, It’s all Love! will appear. Yaguchi Mari’s single isn’t bad also… Apart from that, I think it’s going to go in multiple directions.

1st. POLYSICS – Shout Aloud! + KOKIA – infinity (13)

Shout Aloud! isn’t a surprise as the song is pretty dang catchy(I’m only just starting to get into the other stuff on the single) but KOKIA took me by shock. I admit I’ve been listening to her like crazy, but I just didn’t expect this certain song to come up first. Maybe vintage love or Wasure Mono but it’s okay. Any song on the album more than deserves to come first. :3

Amuro Namie – WILD (12)

Look who’s back! Seems this song is gonna have some very strong staying power. However, it seems it’s other A-side is absent from this week’s list… Well, at least in a top spot. Hmm… Maybe I’m a WILD addict. D:

The Standard Club – Viva La Vida feat. Machi Okabe (11)

Ever since Buono! released that freaking “Goal” song, I’ve been a total addict to anything that sounds even imldly similar to Coldplay’s Viva La Vida(though I still refuse to listen to the original song). Fortunately for me, the original song was covered in the PIANO DANCE 2 album, little to my knowledge. Let’s just say I totally gasm’d at first listen.

KOKIA – Wasure Mono (10)

Ahh, here it is.  Possibly my favorite track off her AKIKO∞KOKIA ~balance~ album. What really makes me love this track is the overall ethereal-ness of it.  I just love ethereal stuff~~~

POLYSICS – Beat Flash (9)

While not as kick ass as the other A-side, this song definitely gets points in my book. The yelling from the girls is pretty crazy as well.

KOKIA – vintage love, Ooki na Senaka + Koda Kumi × misono – It’s all Love! + Kylee – THAT ONE (8)

Oh, this is a nice tie-up. The KOKIA song’s are pretty much my two favorites. vintage love is so awesome strictly ’cause it includes the sound of raining and a piano~~~ <3. Unlike a certain person I know, I absolutely loved Kuu’s and misono’s song. It’s disorganized and wild, yes, but it’s also damn catchy and a blast to sing along to. THAT ONE is Kylee’s first appereance in the charts this week, surprisingly. A lot of what show’s up here depends on what mood I am throughout the week. If I’m emo, than it’s Kylee. If I’m in a good mood, than it’s stuff like Amuro, Koda Kumi, etc…

The rest of the charts consisted of the One Room Disco single, a few more Kylee songs, Dr., and a TON of KOKIA. :P

Predictions for Next Week

Well, let’s see… I’m thinking 2NE1’s Lollipop song with Big Bang might appear in the charts, along with Perfuem again. I’m also downloading Coldplay’s Viva La Vida album(*gasp* I know right?!), so if that’s any good, it might pwn everyone else… WILD will maintain strong, and depending on my mood, either lots of Kylee or lots of NEXT LEVEL. KOKIA will still rule the charts btw.


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