Mano is so DULL(and pulls a Mikkity!)

As we all know, Mano’s released her newest PV. Being the crazed Mano fan that I am, of course I’m gonna rant about it. ^-^

First, the actual video for all the outdated people who haven’t seen it yet: Hajimete no Keiken

Well, there you are.

OMG it’s not boring! First thing EVERYONE should have noticed. Seems Tsunku was serious about changing her musical style. It’s awesome that the piano is still there(though obviously not as strong as in Manopiano for example). When it does appear however, it’s really pretty. @-@ Also, I love how during the verses, the song doesn’t like slow down or anything, it’s GENKI+ all the way!

Theres one thing I feel weird about though… It’s Mano’s voice. I thought it was going to fit better with this type of song(not a ballad), but it still is missing something… Maybe she still need more vocal lessons or simply ballad/slow & upbeat songs don’t work for. Whats left? <_< Oh, right. Electropop. :3

Pulls a Mikkity? Oh, I mean the background dancers. Honestly, the first time I saw the video, I put attention into scouting out Maeda Yuuka rather than looking at Mano. :x I’m such a bad boy…

The PV(for H!P standards) is cute, simple and refreshing. Mano looks as GORGEOUS as ever, although she looks a bit awkward(in my eyes) dancing along with the H!P Eggs.

What’s the verdict? Well, stick with this style, GET MORE VOCAL LESSONS and stay as beautiful as she is~~~ <3

Jeez she’s beautiful… @-@


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