[…R•A•T•E…] Week II

RURUTIA – Seirios


Want ethereal? *throws Seirios at your face* This album is 100% authentic ethereal goodness at it’s BEST. EVERY SINGLE SONG is an absolute pleasure to listen to(no, really, they all have something special about them) and just are full of a serene feeling~~~

Kalafina – Seventh Heaven


Ahh this is a good album… Apart from that like half of the album is singles(and damn good ones at that), pretty much all the new stuff is terrific. I don’t what’d I’d do if I never began listening to these girls. @-@

AKB48 – 10nen Zakura


The BIG difference between AKB48 and H!P is that they ALWAYS tend to have both good a AND b-sides. That’s definitely the case with this single. I’m sure we’ve all heard the song, or at least seen the (pretty awesome) PV but the b-side also doesn’t stray behind. I always love how they do like upbeat a-sides and than really chill, afternoon-ish b-sides. (wtf is afternoon-ish?)

PUFFY – Hiyori Hime


It’s the a-side that counts the most, right? Well, I don’t know about the b-side stuff(’cause I don’t remember either of them) but the a-side is pretty dang cool. It REAKS of Shiina Ringo(which is a good thing) and is a nice style for the girls…

Tsuji Shion – Sky chord ~Otona ni Naru Kun e~


Same problem with the single above. I forget about the b-side, but I recognize the a-side. Sky chord is okay. Her first single was better, although the acoustic version of it on this single ain’t a bad addition.

Berryz Koubou – Dakishimete Dakishimete


Okay, so I was really into the song when I first listened to it, but once it was actually released, it seems it lost it’s spark. It’s really not that great of a track, though still better than Madayade. The b-side however is pretty bad(and REALLY boring), which is a shame after having a string of above average b-sides.

Mano Erina – Otome no Inori


We’re all aware of my obsession over this tracks instrumental. >_< Luckily for us Mano fans, the b-side is also pretty good! It’s really relaxing and chill(but not to the point where it’s boring) and the instrumental is also pretty good. It’ll be weird to not have any more “boring” Mano releases… :'(



Ugh, just like it’s indies counterpart, this album is absolute GOLD. O_O I’m gonna have to like host a throw down between the two of them ’cause their that dang good. Once again, ballad+ethereal stuff at it’s finest. KOKIA’s vocals aren’t something to be left unmentioned either.


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2 Responses to […R•A•T•E…] Week II

  1. Kate says:

    I’m new to JPop and I just found your blog. It’s awesome because you have the same taste in music I do so I like pretty much everything you recommend. I’m glad I can find new artists to listen to!

  2. kokia says:

    kokia is a goddess.. u should try out her new sinlge KARMA!!

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