Sayumi falls and LinLin one-ups Hello! Project

Haha, I was so amused when stumbling upon these videos. The first video is a fan recording of the Momsu Platinum 9 DISCO concert tour thing-a-ma-bob. It seems to be a medley of LOVE Machine, Renai Revolution 21, Sexy Boy and THE Manpower. Wait a sec. I thought LOVE Machine had “graduated“. >_> Rip-off.

Well, I guess if they had gotten rid of that song, they would have gotten rid of a bunch of other songs as well. Again, this is H!P we’re talking about, can’t have that. ^-^’

Anyway,  I wouldn’t post this video just for viewing pleasure(that’s what youtubes for betches). I post it ’cause Sayumi’s clumsy-ass takes a slight fall. ^-^ It’s at 3:15. It’s also annoying to see how during the whole bit after Sayu trips, we only see Ai and Reina singing(mostly). >_> Again, favoritism. <_<

The second video is of everyone’s favorite LinLi- oh wait nvm, that phrase only works for JunJun/Reina/everyone else. We have LinLin soloing a slow, piano version of Momosu’s Aozora ga Itsumade mo etc… Jebus, it’s like a shame to see that her voice is rarely heard in songs, but it’s nice to know that Tsunku is aware of her voice and is letting her solo stuff like that. ^-^ I think she even one-up’d Ai-chan! xD

Plz Plz Plz let her have solos in the next single! @-@

And OMG, Morning Musume Live @ L.A. is getting closer and closer. @-@ I had gotten over it for a while, but with the recent news related to the event(Tsunku being there, the new single, etc…) I can’t help but get all emo again. v-v I literally think my life dream is to see Momosu live. :l

*jumps out window*


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