J-Music Survey +StK Version+

So liek, here’s my version of that new survey that’s going around. :P Here’s where you can find the original. ^-^

1. What was the first Japanese song that you ever listened to?

Simple And Clean – Utada / Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~ – Morning Musume

I’m pretty sure A LOT of people had SAC as their first J-Pop song(thanks Hikki! ;D) but if you count that as pop(which it is 100% legible to be), than Momosu would be my first J-song. I remember having it in my old(OLD) mp3 and not knowing the artist or anything. My friend had showed it to me and I like dit, thus, I copied it. ^0^

2. Did it inspire you to like that group/singer, or did it turn you away?

For Utada, it definitely inspired me as I downloaded some her stuff and really liked it. For Momosu however, I didn’t really care to look up more info about them. Guess I didn’t like the song THAT MUCH(or well, enough to look up info on the artist).

3. What is the one song that you have been listening to for the longest time?

Simple And Clean, COLORS, traveling, Sakura DROPS, Hikari, Uso Mitai na I Love You  – Utada Hikaru

evolution, RAINBOW, Boys & Girls, Daybreak, Endless Sorrow, still alone, alterna, Voyage – Hamasaki Ayumi

Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~ – Morning Musume

Shinjitsu no Uta – Do As Infinity

Key of the Twilight, Aura, The World – Kajiura Yuki

Planet Tokyo, Atarashii Hibi, Sumire, Cosmic Nagare Tabi – PUFFY

Sanctuary, DIVE, Cloud 9, Kiseki no Umi, Hemisphere, gravity, fad – Sakamoto Maaya

Obsession,Kimi Ga Ita Monogatari, Tasogare no Umi,Anna ni Issho Datta no ni – See-Saw

Stem, Aozora, Supika,Doppelgänger, Kuki, Gips, Yami ni Furu Ame, Mellow – Shiina Ringo

Believe, Realize – Tamaki Nami

Oops, I read the question wrong. xD Well anyway, it was fun making that list. It’s literally all my OLD music, like 2002-ish(wow @-@). But if I had to pick the longest, than it would be Simple And Clean

4. What group/singer have you liked the longest?

Definitely Utada. Up until this day, she is my #1 favorite artist eva. I’ve listened to Ayumi and Tamaki for such as long, but I think I had more Utada and Ayumi music. So maybe Utada+Ayumi would be my answer. :3

5. What is the song with the most plays on your itunes/media player?

Ahh… Here we go. ^-^”

1. ONE – Suzuki Ami(159)

2. Goal – Buono!(113)

3. can’t stop the DISCO – Suzuki Ami(111)

4. FREE FREE – Suzuki Ami(94)

5. Resonant Blue – Morning Musume(91)

6. FOREVER LOVE – C-ute(84)

6. Is that song your favorite?

Is Ami’s ONE my favorite song? >_> No. xD Like right now, I’m going through a anti-ONE phase, as I’m not really listening to it much. It’s like an addicting food. You eat it and eat it and eat it but eventually you get sick of it and it different food. After a while, you want more of it again. :P

7. If not, what is?

It’s a three way tie.

AS FOR ONE DAY – Morning Musume

Passion – Utada Hikaru

FREE FREE – Suzuki Ami

The thing is, each of those songs(minus FREE FREE, it’s just plain amazing) mean something very special to me. I don’t just have them as my favorite ’cause their addicting or anything. xp

8. Is there any one group that you can listen to all/most of the songs by? If so, who?

Hmm… Utada only has like 5 or 6 songs in her entire discography that I can’t STAND to listen to. Morning Musume is totally bearable however… Suzuki Ami… No way. xD It would have to be Morning Musume than. I can listen to anything from them. ^-^

9. What is your favorite agency?

Agency… I’d say Avex, but I kinda have a love and hate relationship with them. Love cause they release so much damn music(sometimes all on the same date. <_<) but hate ’cause of their promoting for certain artists(ex. Suzuki Ami) and they messed up some artist’s music.

10. What is your favorite group/singer?

Singer: Utada Hikaru. No doutb about it. Close runner ups could be Hamasaki Ayumi(she’s like literally right there ready for Utada to mess up on something. xD) and Suzuki Ami, but since I don’t really like Ami’s whole discography, I’m not including her.

Group: Morning Musume. No argument. :P C-ute and Berryz are awesome as well, but MOmosu gets priority. 8)

^Favorite Utada pic. >_<^


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3 Responses to J-Music Survey +StK Version+

  1. josh012595 says:

    uh Jin, mind if I do this too? I kinda like it. :D
    thanks! :)

  2. Jin says:

    Of course I dont mind. xD The idea is for readers to post their own. ^-^

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