the FIERCEST thing on the net

(after Fated Light ~FINAL NIGHT~, or course ^-^) is none other than… 2NE1’s badass Fire videos!!!!11!!!

I mean, come on bbz, have you seen them? K-pop fan or not(it’s a shame if you aren’t, K-Pop music is so much better than J-Pop in many ways[sometimes..]) that it really doesn’t hurt to try. ^-^ I read that the videos got like 2 million views under a day or something. xD That’s pretty dang impressive. :P

Their having their debut stage the 16th or something(or I think it was today… I forget) soon, so I’m anxious to see them live and owning the charts. >:D

Now, on to the videos! There’s two versions, the Stree and Space version. A lot of people prefer the Space version, but I think I’m leaning towards the Street version more… It’s just more slutty and sexy. 8)

With English subtitles & HQ those babies! >:)



Hot, I know right? o^-^o

And for those who never saw it(god forgive you), here’s 2NE1’s collab with Big Bang, Lollipop! ^-^


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