It’s official. Koharu suffers from Iida-ism.

You know, Iida-ism. As in Iida Kaori dancing deformity.

The one thing that both girls have in common is that their both tall(well, Koharu for the current Momosu lineup anyway). It’s not totally a good thing however, this tallness gives them a sort of “awkwardness” while dancing. I’m sure I don’t have to find a video of Kaori dancing(if you haven’t seen her dancing, shame on you) but I first noticed this in Koharu during the Resonant Blue PV.

Well, the Shouganai Yume Oibito(yay I learned the name) PV came out a while ago and I couldn’t help but watch the same scene again and again and again. What’s so good about this scene? Well, just watch Koharu between 15-17 and than again at 1:54-1:57 and once more at 4:56-4:58.

Gah, I just don’t know what it is, maybe the shoulders, her long looking arms or her weird head bopping but it just gets to me. Meh, this’ll make me only like her more.

Oh, while I’m at it, I guess I’ll give my two cents on the Shouganai Yume Oibito single. Well, simply put, I love it. The cover(while the one of the jumping was gross) is really pretty, although I have small complaints with the way they put the text. I like how Eri is up front. Makes an Eri fan happy. :)

Honestly, this is the first single in a while where I think the majority of the girls look great, including Reina. If anyone, it’s LinLin who’s looking a little kiddish(her Platinum 9 DISC weave looked good on her…). Eri and Mitsui look gorgeous though. @o@

At first listening to the song, I was like “Ew, Onna ni Sachi Are+Naichau Kamo”(not that I dislike either of them). Well, this song is very similar to Naichau Kamo but like three times better. It takes that whole sadness feeling, kicks it up a few notches, adds some awesome strings, has better sounding synth and line distribution.

I’m digging how Mitsui gets so much more lines+screen time again, just like the old Egao YES Nude days. :) And the song isn’t so Reina-tastic either. I wish she didn’t get the last solo “Shouganai Yume Oibito” line though. Should have gone to Risa or someone else…

Anyway, one of their best singles yet and sales don’t look bad either! Oh gawd, if they get #1, I’m gonna spaz like a mo fo.

“Welcome to my World. Do you think about me?”


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3 Responses to It’s official. Koharu suffers from Iida-ism.

  1. .nodame. says:

    She really does have long look arms, doesn’t she? And with Ai (for some reason) reminding me of Yaguchi, it was kind of like watching the old line up :’)

  2. Meetzorp says:

    I think the similarity can be extended to their dancing styles as a whole, not just their physical presence. Both of them tend to “over-dance,” that is they overemphasize all of the gestures, steps, etc. Kind of like Iida’s infamous pelvic thrusts in “Love Machine.”

    I personally find this goofy gawkiness kind of charming. Koharu’s signature is that she is a total hyperactive ham anyway, so it works.

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