J-Pop Lovers Guide to EVERYTHING

The other day I had a small flashback. I remembered my nooby 2006 self where I had just obtained my J-pop addiction. I would have loved at that time to have all the sources of information that I have today, so thus… I shall present you all with the (almost)perfect guide to keeping up to date with your J(&K)-Music(and videogames)! :D

* = Highly Recommended

The most important of all sites are of course… News blogs!

I. Where to get News

  1. K Bites An awesome K-Pop news blog that is ALWAYS featuring some kind of update.
  2. *ALL K-POP Think K Bites but with EVERYTHING you could ever want to know about the newest stuff in the Korean world. Really attractive look as well. ;D
  3. Stardust Used to feature really up to date H!P news but the owner couldn’t keep up due to being busy so now it features weekly newsletters. Great site.
  4. *Hello! Online Now I’m sure every H!P fan has this place bookmarked. Your main source for H!P news/releases/scandals and blogs. :3
  5. *The StyleJapan Report Noah’s sexay news blog featuring the latest on a selected amount of artists. Contains EVERYTHING you would want to know about their releases.
  6. contemode Covers all news even slightly related to Nakata and his contemode label. It’s an open livejournal, so expect to see lots of awesome extra stuff.
  7. D-TOPIA:: ENTERTAINMENT Think contemode but now covering the D-TOPIA label(Aira Mitsuki, Saori@destiny)
  8. *International Wota The name says it all.
  9. Totally Hello! Project Not usually the first to leak news, but it does offer lots of nifty “other” info, such as sales and rumors.
  10. JpopAsia News from all over the Asian music world and hosts the newest released PV’s(along with(mostly) artist’s full videography).
  11. *Jpopmusic Probably the most active forum involving ANY artist you can think off. If you want your latest alan news for example, just search up her thread and you’ll have it.
  12. *Kotaku Your best place to get the latest in the video game industry. Just not visitng for 2 days and I bunched up 4 pages of updates!
  13. *GameSpot I’m sure we’re all aware of this site.
  14. *Gametrailers News… In video form. 8)

Well now that you can be up to date with everything, you gotta find a place to actually get your filthy hands on everything.

II. Downloading Sites

  1. *Kyo Music City This place should definitely be everyone’s primary downloading source. It’s a forum and features almost any artist you can think of’s discography.
  2. *Hello! Online Just by signing up, you open the door to the LARGEST H!P related torrent site around. Awesome. ;D
  3. Music Pixels Where I get the hard to find single+alum covers/scans. Requesting allowed!
  4. *JPOP SUKI Tracker Think H!O’s torrent area but now not limited to H!P releases. Great place to get concerts and lots of random stuff.
  5. *we ♥ best fiction & dr I love this site. A livejournal which hosts the newest J/K-Music released and ALL in high quality. The owners a quality whore. <3

So you know everything about your artist, you have all their but you don’t know where to start! That’s why we have…

III. Review Blogs(won’t be giving *’s cause than some people will start to bitch ^-^’)

  1. Beyond the Sea The father of all J-Music review blogs. Reviews pretty much everything from the artist on his list. I love Lex’s reviews ’cause their so pretty and professional. @-@
  2. Kurayami Monogatari Brett’s site also kinda works as a news blog ’cause he’s THE FIRST to review anything from his HUGE artist list. Sometimes I don’t know an artist will release something until Brett reviews it. xD
  3. Radiant Dawn Think Lex’s site but with a different set of artists. Has Mario stars for grading things. 8)
  4. StyleJapan Ahh… The ever so brutally honest Noah. His artist list isn’t as big, but his reviews more than make up for it. Prepare to be surprised with some reviews.
  5. Vitamin Drop There’s no denying that Selly is pretty mean with most things. Has some nice PV reviews. (See bb, I mentioned you)
  6. Lost Wing Theres nothing like spending the way away reading Megz and Tsuki’s hundreds of reviews. They only review albums, which is pretty awesome.
  7. Gold Hikari A very pretty review site with appealing reviews. Die tends to rate things to high me thinks. :P

So, me thinks your all set… But hey, might as well get something to look at while listening to all your music

IV. Entertainment/Other Sites

  1. Hello! Blog I’m sure we’re all(or should be >:l) visitors of Paul’s blog. Very entertaining and hey, everyone loves to know who’s the most popular Momosu member.
  2. Wotaku! Now Don’t expect daily updates, but whenever Shirow posts, you definitely won’t bu either bored/amused. Also has Wota Chat!
  3. *Hello!Fansubs You know those Morning Musume on Utaban video on Youtube without subtitles? Well, you can get torrent downloads of only SUBBED stuff here.
  4. *Raid My Minibar No explanation necesary. SQS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. *Non Piece English translation of the ever active Tsuji Nozomi’s blog. Lots of pics~~~
  6. Ice CreaMusume English translation of each ICM’s blog posts.
  7. Black Velvet In here solely for promotion purposes. My close friend’s blog about her ever dramatic life.
  8. *****Sora to Kujira What can I say? I love myself. 8)

And there you have it! Your guide to getting your bookmark list to be nearly as awesome as mine. 8)


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J-Pop devotee, Hello! Project ace, graphic designer, blogger, gamer, dancer, prince and day dreamer. Founded Sora to Kujira.
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7 Responses to J-Pop Lovers Guide to EVERYTHING

  1. Lex says:

    Cool post! And thanks for the plug. <3

  2. Jin says:

    duh bb, duh 8) <3

  3. Selryam says:

    …Mean with everything? >_>


  4. Jin says:

    I don’t see “mean with everything” in the post?

    What ‘chu talkin’ bout bb? >:l

  5. Selryam says:

    “mean with most things”, then.

    Close enough! D:

    FYI, I love you for using my Kashi button. <3

  6. broomhead1 says:

    o hay look at that

  7. Jin says:

    what? :0


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