On a recent Morning Musume interview… It seems leader Ai-chan might have let something slip. :x

— With your first American concert, Morning Musume is surely going through changes. What else is in store for the group this year?

Takahashi Ai: I’d like to make things new. So the new members…

Jun Jun: She said it!

Kamei Eri: Do you know something?

Takahashi Ai: I don’t. It’s just that the current lineup is the longest Morning Musume has ever gone without changing. About two years. So I think it’s about time something happened.

My guess is that Ai slipped the news and than tried to seem as if she didn’t know anything. xD Looking at how often H!P auditions are held, 2009 would technically be the year the 9th gen joined since JunLin joined in ’07.

The current Momosu gen with newer members would be… weird, well, for me anyway. After watching so much Yorosen, one really gets attacthed to the girls. :'(

Taken from & full interview @ Hello! Online


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