I’m back! And with a poll! *Stickied*

Oy, thank freakin’ god this week is over. Told you all I wasn’t gonna be able to post. xp Oh, and guess what, I never go tto finish the book. v-v Got like half way through… >_>’

Anyway, now that this coming week looks pretty light, I’ll be able to post again. ^0^ Before I get to the good stuff… I was wondering…

Well, StK started out as a review blog but now it’s been transformed to a kind of ranting blog where I talk about whatever. I was planning to return reviews before, but I decided against it. Reviewing is just really stressing and no fun for me. <_< Especially with the immense amount of stuff that comes out.

So anyway, I want you guys’ opinion! Should I start reviewing things again? Also, I’ll only be reviewing H!P related releases. ^-^

This poll will be stickied so everyone notices it and votes. I’ll leave it for about a week and new posts will appear under this one.


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J-Pop devotee, Hello! Project ace, graphic designer, blogger, gamer, dancer, prince and day dreamer. Founded Sora to Kujira.
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3 Responses to I’m back! And with a poll! *Stickied*

  1. privatelaugh says:

    Since I started reading your blog after you stopped reviewing I really would be interested in your opinions about certain releases. But it has to be fun for you too! I think it’s up to you but I would be happy about a review from time to time.

  2. privatelaugh says:

    Oh, forgot to say that I like the new header very much. I’m a big Maasa fan even though I liked the 2NE1 one too ^_^

  3. Jin says:

    Ahh thanks for the reply privatelaugh. ^-^ Yea, I haven’t done a review in a pretty long time so I’m hoping to change things around now. :3

    And I’m glad you liked the Maasa theme. :D I just had to use images from her new photobook… Plus, the 2NE1 header was like forcing me to change it. xD

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