Artists to be Reviewed (Part 1)

So, here is the first batch of artists that I will be reviewing. I went ahead and made a HUGE list of artists that I would actually like reviewing but I decided to instead choose who I will CONTINUE to review since I stopped.

And they are…!!!

  • AKB48
  • Amuro Namie
  • BoA
  • Hamasaki Ayumi
  • Hey! Say! JUMP
  • Kalafina
  • Koda Kumi
  • Mano Erina
  • MEG
  • misono
  • Nakagawa Shoko
  • Otsuka Ai
  • Perfume
  • Suzuki Ami
  • Tohoshinki

If an artist isn’t on the list it doesn’t immediately mean I won’t review them… Just not now. :P Also, this list might change.

That’s 18 artists so far. I’m thinking of having like 30, and a lot of those slots will be taken up by TNX/H!P groups. ;D



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5 Responses to Artists to be Reviewed (Part 1)

  1. Selryam says:


  2. privatelaugh says:

    Nice list you have there. And I’m really happy about Hey! Say! JUMP because my best friend always wants me to get to know them more and with your help I hope I would be up-to-date xD

  3. Jin says:

    @ Selly YEA NO SAORI

    @ Sharly-chan Yea, there like my favorite JE group and leek the only one I completely follow. ^-^ They haven’t released anything in a while though… I know they have a single planned. xp Too bad their not like Arashi who have a new release every 2 1/2 months. -_-

  4. Sharly/PL says:

    Yes, that’s bad. But my friend told me they play songs on concerts that weren’t on a single or something and she’s desperatley waiting for an album by them. After looking at their discography I also think it’s time.

  5. Jin says:

    Yea, I remember seeing that list of original songs from them. It’s huge. @-@!_Say!_JUMP
    There. I would really like an album from them…

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