30,000 hits = More new goodies for you!

Alright! WE HIT THE 30,000 HITS MARK! >_< I dunno why people always celebrate numbers like 500, 1,000, 10,000, etc… But I’m part of it, and it feels good. :P

So, to thank you guys(and to set up for the return of reviews) I’ve modified some stuff on the blog. :3

First, the “Requests” page has been totally deleted. I don’t think I’ll be taking requests anytime soon, but you can always request with normal comments on artists you think I might like. :3 I have a very open mind when it comes to music, so don’t be afraid to give your opinion. :3

I’ve added the “Upcoming Reviews” section again, which is empty at the moment. :P

I’ve added a new page! It’s called “Treasure Box“. I made this thinking about you guys! :'( If your just bored and wanna find something interesting to read without having to go through all the pages, than just visit this page to get instant links to what I think are the most entertaining posts on the blog. :3

The About page has been slightly remodeled(added my twitter link) and the Yearly Rankings have been updated with the latest releases. :3 AAA is just stinking it up in there. xD

Thanks again for visiting, more artists shall be revealed soon…

FUN FACT: StK reached 20k views on May 15 and reached 30k on June 13. That’s 10,000 views in under a month! :0

EDIT: Well, since it’s been a week(?) since the last two polls were put up, I’ve checked the final results. :3 It seems everyone(or mostly everyone) thought it would be a good idea to put an audio player+poll on the blog. Well, I did just that. ^-^
The poll, as you see on your right, will be updated weekly. However, I had problems with the audio player. :\ Actually, with all the searching I did, I don’t think their exists a flash audio player(it needs to have an HTML code) that will work on a WordPress.com blog. I tried making a Youtube play list but WordPress.com also doesn’t support those. Thus, I got stuck with the VodPod player. :P It’s not bad, right? >_<

It appears as a thumbnail, but you can click for other videos and click the actual image to pop up this nifty window(which isn’t actually a new window) that plays the video while allowing you to continue browsing the page. Sorry I couldn’t get an actual music player, btu hey, better than nothing right? :3


About Abraham

J-Pop devotee, Hello! Project ace, graphic designer, blogger, gamer, dancer, prince and day dreamer. Founded Sora to Kujira.
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10 Responses to 30,000 hits = More new goodies for you!

  1. Sharly/PL says:

    Hm… maybe this is going to be a longer comment~
    First off: Congratz to 30 000! My blog just hit 300 XDD

    And I liked the changes you made. Can’t wait to see what’s going to be on the “Upcoming Reviews” page. And since I never came around to read through your whole blog I’m very happy about the Treasure Box. I think I will read something from it after i finish this comment!

    And about the poll: I voted vor Ayu because Kumi and Namie are more hip-pop or something and Hikki… well she (at least with her japanese albums) is stuck with one style. BoA is too young for a queen so only my favorite Jpop-Lady is left xD

    The video player is fine but I always am listening to music while surfing so I might not use ist. But i know most of what’s in there and I’m sure to check it from time to time to see if there’s something new I don’t know.

    I think that’s all i have to say XD
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Jin says:

    Sharly-chan~! Thanks a lot! >__< We should totally exchange links. :P I'll add you now actually~~~

    I also voted for Ayu as J-pop queen. :P That's kinda like her second name. ^-^'

  3. Crispy says:

    Well done…i have hit over 400 and i do believe it could be thanks to you as well

    But since i originally first listened to Hikki i kinda voted her!!!

  4. Jin says:

    Haha, thanks Crispy. ;D Keep it going with your blog! You’ll get places, trust me. 8)

    I would have voted for Hikki, but since she’s been kind absent in Japan… I figured a Queen should release lots of stuff… A LOT of stuff. >_>’

  5. Crispy says:

    true on that point true…

    But soon she will return to her throne (lol)

    But all of them in a sense deserve it!!!

  6. Sharly/PL says:

    Omg, thank you so much that you put my blog to the After Shows even though it’s in German!
    But I’m thinkin about starting a blog in English too so I can rant a bit XD

    Second name, lol. But you’re right, even though it seems like a lot people don’t think that way~

  7. Jin says:

    I’m actually SLIGHTLY surprised at the person who’s currently winning. :P It’s like I expect her to win but than I don’t. xp

    And Sharly-chan, an English blog sounds like a great idea. ;D Make a WordPress one. :3 I like ’em. ^-^

  8. privatelaugh says:

    That sounds interesting XD *waits for the results*

    I already have a wordpress account. Actually I’m only thinking about a name for the new blog. Maybe a song but which one? *goes through her nearly 7000 tracks~*

  9. Jin says:

    ROFL Well, at least you got lots of options. :P

    I only have 5855. v-v

  10. privatelaugh says:

    You know: Quality is worth more than quantity xD

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