[…V•O•T•E…] Week II

Week of 6/21 – 6/28 (20 votes)

Well, it seems that the asking someone which is their favorite electropop act doesn’t have quite the popularity if asking who they think the queen of J-pop is. I say this ’cause we got 13 less votes than the week before! Hmm, maybe this way I’ll be able to figure out exactly what my blog’s followers are made up of.

The contestants this time were once again pretty easy. You got the main acts, Perfume, Suzuki Ami, MEG and capsule. Add in the also popular Aira Mitsuki and her D-TOPIA label mate Saori@destiny and you got yourself the main electropop group of Japan.

This time, the winner kinda shocked me…

Your favorite electropop act?

  1. Suzuki Ami: 30% – 6 votes
  2. Perfume: 25% – 5 votes
  3. Aira Mitsuki: 20% – 4 votes

Loser: capsule: 5% – 1 vote

MEG and Saori@destiny both tied at 4th with 2 votes each. Actually, that kinda surprised me. I was expecting MEG to rank higher than both D-TOPIA girls. capsule being last doesn’t surprise me either, although Saori@destiny being last would have also fit.

The top three acts were all only one vote away from each other which means Aira could of easily won this thing if only a few more Aira fans had stumbled to the poll during the week.

Anyway, I’m glad to see that veteran Ami took first place. Actually, my vote had gone to her. ^-^

Who did you guys vote for?


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3 Responses to […V•O•T•E…] Week II

  1. PrivateLaughter says:

    I’ve voted for Ami too. But I had to choose between Ami and Capsule because those two acts have songs I totally love. I don’t get what everyone likes about Perfume O.o Well, maybe Triangle will help me to understand that.
    And the new poll is a hard decision. I will discuss this with my sister~

    And btw: Nice new header but I think I will stick with the Maasa Button on my blog XD

  2. Selryam says:

    Guess who gave Saori half her votes? ;D

  3. Crispy says:

    Wait who did I pick???

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