It’s finally time for…


At long last Sora to Kujira Version 3 is here! I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while now but I’ve finally “found the time” to do it so here it goes.

First of all, I wanna thank everyone for 35,200 hits. ^-^ That’s really something for me to be proud of.  I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! <3 I really wanna get to 50k now~~~

Also, don’t forget to vote on the weekly poll so I can get you guys’ opinions! It really makes it more accurate if more people vote! >_< Oh, don’t forget to check out the “Sora to Video” thumbnail to see the newest PV artists(that I like anyway) have released!

Next is a nice update to the “About Sora to Kujira” page. It’s been spiffied up. I added new content to about every section, totally edited the format(kinda), more info about me(and a pic ;D), removed and added artists from my favorites lists.

Oh right, well since I kinda want to make everything new here, I’m obviously going to make a new rating system! ;D I already made the icons for it, I just gotta work out a few kinks… It’s a lot simpler and cleaner than the older version so reading reviews should be faster. Of course, a new review format is also in the works. ;D

THE FIRST ARTISTS TO BE REVIEWD ARE UP ON THE UPCOMING REVIEWS PAGE! I’ve taken 3 Japanese artists, 2 Korean and 1 Non-Asian that I’ll be reviewing for the week. I think that’s the way I’ll be reviewing things. Posting them up on Sunday and than doing 6 reviews a week. :3 Sounds nice. ^-^

As you may have noticed, I got a new theme up. I noticed that Otsuka Ai starred in my first ever theme and I coincidentally used her in the Sora to Kujira Version 2 theme so I decided to make her my personal model everytime the blog jumps up a version. Congrats for you Ai! ;D

So yea, now that this Momosu in AX thing is over, I can finally concentrate on the blog again~~~ The first review should be up soon… but there’s a catch~~~


About Abraham

J-Pop devotee, Hello! Project ace, graphic designer, blogger, gamer, dancer, prince and day dreamer. Founded Sora to Kujira.
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